Schwarzenegger outgoing is still busy and admit fear of aging

Beijing evening news until half a year before the United States, California governor Arnold & middot; Arnold Schwarzenegger, is still very busy, no matter in Hollywood or in American politics, he remains a popular figure, in politics, including President Obama’s top frequency Arnold invited to discuss economic policy, movies are well known to him, hope he can return again. But now more Arnold is a heart, is unable to accept your grow old become ugly reality.

a few months after retirement, Arnold is very busy, he had to Moscow to scorpions concert with mikhail gorbachev, also take part in the creation of new cartoons “governor” of the super hero, for his voice of cartoon hero. Last month, Schwarzenegger with James & middot; Mr Cameron’s “avatar 2” shooting team, to the amazon river in South America locations when technical guidance.

but, after all, has a 63 – year – old time and tide wait for no man, the former bodybuilder are overwhelmed sometimes in the world. In an interview with newsweek, he admitted that he also has a very depressed when, for example, recently very don’t like the look in the mirror, & other; I always think my life is very good, looking back, I think I have done is quite satisfactory. Just when I look in the mirror, I just suddenly feel old, really frustrating. Throughout the &; Arnold admitted to weight gain, wrinkled skin, & other; I am not going to take part in the game, also don’t want to take off the shirt, deliberately to show off in front of the muscles. But a look at the body in the mirror, I really want to shout loudly: what’s wrong? My zha became the vice ugly appearance. Throughout the &;

to Arnold Schwarzenegger, a lot of his & other; Fans & throughout; Are tweeting encouragement. Said a netizen called Billy Campbell & other; I’m 60 years old, feel good, and often be grateful! I don’t have millions of money in the bank, at least not yet. I am still at work. Young people sometimes call me: & lsquo; The old man & rsquo; . Sometimes I retorted: & lsquo; After you will also be like me so old. But if you can’t live to this age, you are even worse. & rsquo; They listened to my words, immediately meditation not language. Throughout the &; The net friend Marty said: & other; My mother said when I was a little boy, I will know the respect for the elderly, she said I could be one good turn deserves another. Now I am also a old, I know mother said right. Throughout the &;

in addition to encouraging and understanding, the net friend Bob thinks, aging admitted to prove the hero of the silver screen, the reality is very brave, & other; Arnold is people. Think of it, with his strength and strong, he is really hard to accept the changes at the age of 63. But I think what is more worthy of respect, have the power, wealth and fame, Arnold dare to confess to the public the sadness of heart, not afraid of stepping down from the high, continue to do actor he used to work, is very precious. Throughout the &;

hopes to hear these netizens Schwarzenegger’s encouragement. Schwarzenegger 20 year-old daughter Catherine has just published writing her new book, the purpose is to help women correctly treat their own bodies, more confidently facing the secular vision. Catherine said from her parents teach her to pay more attention to their own inner beauty, calm attitude to yourself. Now, her new book will come back to help father Arnold regain confidence.