Scientists decode Mozart died: sun too little Vitamin D deficiency

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in December of 1791, Austria & other; Music child prodigy & throughout; Mozart died young, three days after the death of the grave, not doing anatomy, the cause of death is a mystery. According to Taiwan’s “united daily news reported that the cause of death in the heart of scientists has always been a question mark. Now scientists claim that the sun enough so that a lack of vitamin D, Mozart is the root cause of poor health.

Mozart was suffering from disease, have suffered kidney disease, smallpox and typhoid, tonsillitis, sore throat, NASA scientists retirement grant said recently that a lack of vitamin D is his health going downhill, and premature death.

according to the British media, Mozart upside down day and night every day, writing songs, and live in the sunshine at least across Europe Austria, let him lose the chance of a lot of sunshine, and the lack of adequate vitamin D to maintain healthy, 35 years, and he died because of illness.

grant in the problem of performance artist medical journal article said: & other; Almost every disease is directly related with vitamin D, if Mozart can pay attention to this, more than to go out in the sun, more than doubled his creation. Throughout the &; He believes that modern musicians also didn’t aware of them for a long time in the indoor, can cause insufficient vitamin D levels.

the article mentioned at the same time, the British cellist Jacqueline DE pre and Austrian composer mahler untimely death, may also not enough with the sun, so that a lack of vitamin D.