Scientists have found that Jurassic giant flea fossils Longer than 2 cm (FIG.)

(early cretaceous giant flea in jehol fauna)

March 1 (Reuters)

the China news service How much do you know of ancient times flea? Nanjing scientists to tell the world: a study of the Mesozoic flea size is very large, usually at about 1.5 cm length, some species can even more than 2 cm.

a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences institute of nanjing geological paleontology Huang Diying in China in recent years, such as Inner Mongolia ning town middle Jurassic tiger tao ditch fauna (about 165 million years ago) and liaoning north ticket early cretaceous jehol fauna fossils giant flea (about 125 million), the findings will be fleas to the fossil record in advance at least more than 4000 in ten thousand.

and other parasitic insects, fleas, hard to save fossil. The flea amber fossils found in Cenozoic, and they are all modern type. Therefore, long-term evidence about the origin and evolution of Mesozoic fleas purpose is missing. The discovery of the new long sucking mouthparts flea fossil shows some Mesozoic with straw wings the similarity of insects, and thus more powerful supports the fleas originated long wings object of hypothesis.

the flea is ectoparasitism insects, mammals (including humans) and bird’s blood. Has been reported to be about 2500 species or subspecies of fleas.

Huang Diying to speculate: giant flea host & other; The new discovery of Jurassic and cretaceous giant flea foot bristles and surface of the mane, reveal them to live in vertebrate body surface of wool. But at the time of mammals size are small, so the giant flea host if it is a mammal, is a giant flea could hide in the nest host blood sucking on the host. But there are a lot of hairy dinosaurs at the time, the giant flea mouthparts are can penetrate the skin, and therefore cannot be ruled out them in hairy surface of dinosaurs. Throughout the &;