Scientists in the United States according to a new study on the origin of life on earth in the land rather than the sea

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a new study shows, as Charles Darwin said more than 140 years ago, life on earth originated in the land really a & other; Warm little pond & throughout; And not originated in the sea.

the original cells may be in a pond full of condensing steam began to development, underground hot water or out of the ground evaporation of bubble caused by the pond. The results of the study, published in the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences, in contrast with life originated in the prevailing view of the sea.

researchers analyzed the ancient rock chemical characteristics of inland and Marine habitats, the genetic recombination with the earth compared to the original cell. Physicists almen muir kidd and Ian and his colleagues found that ocean does not contain cultivate the most stable component for the life.

they also from the United States of Yellowstone national park, hot springs and geysers such as inland & other; Hatchery & throughout; Analysis, extract the most simple cells. In these places, volcanic activity, make the steam rising from the ground. The researchers pointed out that the emissions of the chemical composition and cell of inorganic chemicals the best match.