Scientists in the United States the latest research shows that: the aliens have been to the solar system

according to the United States and other The discovery channel & throughout; News reported Thursday, researchers at the university of Edinburgh vin & middot; Nicholson and Duncan & middot; The root by computer models predict that a planetary probes in the earth’s existing fleet age a small fraction of the time, you can explore the whole galaxy. & other; Alien probe need to travel at the speed of 10% the speed of light, only 10 million years can survey the whole throughout the galaxy &; . The two scientists concluded: & other; The fleet can indeed in a relatively short period of time to explore the galaxy & hellip; & hellip; The time needed for an order of magnitude smaller than the earth’s age. Throughout the &; The research team found by mathematical model calculation, our solar system should have been visited by aliens, perhaps more than once. Conduct the research, scientists have warned that the human may not be able to use the existing technology detect the existence of extraterrestrial detector, the detector may to us & other; Contact & throughout; . Scientists speculated that in order to avoid panic or let people mistakenly assume that the earth is hostile, this detector can take big formation exploration.

in addition, other scientists have warned that an alien probe could have entered the solar system. The institute of medicine of the rock ethics Jacob & middot; Hargreaves – mishra said: & other; Alien artifacts may already exist in the solar system, and we don’t know. Throughout the &; IfengLogo (Hou Tao)