Scientists or find a third paleoanthropology: has a powerful ability to chew

according to foreign media reports, scientists have found that as early as 2 million years ago, have two kinds of direct ancestors of early human and human living on the earth, newly discovered fossils will greatly help us cognitive occurred about 2 million years ago human population evolution and prosperous situation.

from 2007 to 2009, scientists hailed as & other; Human cradle & throughout; Kenya’s lake turkana region three fossils unearthed, including a face, a nearly complete mandibular bone and the second part of the jaw bone grafts.

the researchers confirmed that based on the three fossils found in the region, and about 40 years ago 1470 mysterious fossil analysis, they sure existed on earth had another large and long skull, facial flat early humans. This human is different from the homo erectus and homo habilis, the latter two also lived in the lake turkana region. Before did not find the above three fossils, experts have put 1470 early man named Mrs Lu tao or effort.

reported that the recent three fossils by MeiYaWei & middot; Professor niche for comparable & middot; F research team discovered, fossils around the year 1.78 million to 1.95 million years ago, excavated sites from the fossil, 1470 more than 10 kilometers.

professor niche said: & other; In the past 40 years, we in the lake turkana region launched a wide range of search hard, hoping to find 1470 fossils of early human facial features can be revealed. At least we got some answers. Throughout the &;

niche project cooperation, university college London professor Fred & middot; Spor think: & other; Newly discovered three fossils present a clearer early human face no. 1470. As a result, we can clearly determined that two kinds of early human and homo erectus lived together in the nearby areas. Newly discovered fossils will greatly help our cognitive occurred about 2 million years ago human population evolution and prosperous situation. Throughout the &;


three ancient human mutual coexistence?

if we now have two different ancient RACES at the same time in human evolution under the tree, which one on earth later evolved into homo erectus, also is our human the direct ancestor of today?

human anthropologist William & middot; Djembe son djembe son thought from the point of view of anatomy, homo habilis compared with 1470 fossil is smaller, and forward prominent facial features, it makes people more in line with the feature of homo erectus ancestors. But he also added: & other; At this point. Throughout the &;

Bernard & middot; Wood is the George & middot; Human origin, a professor of the university of Washington, he points out that 1470 May have greater than homo habilis brain capacity, but this does not necessarily make 1470 the ancestor of homo erectus.

another problem is that if the region had really have 3 different human groups coexist, between them is happy? For this, the opinion is: djembe son & other; Considering the three ancient have is a bipedal animal, the difference between them is just the life has the & ndash; & ndash; They choose where to live, they eat food, etc., rather than some important differences in ability, such as climbing ability, and so on. Throughout the &;

one of the possible clues are: 1470 could be a the ancients has a powerful ability to chew.

maybe this three kinds of primitive human really, they live in the same area. Modern primates are very good at social life, and you can see the two or more kinds of monkeys live together.

wood said, one thing is for certain, that is to uncover we spit, connor lake ancestors of mystery will not be easy. He said: & other; Darwin said, will be very difficult to determine the origin of man. I think he is right on this point. Throughout the &; (qing feng)