Scientists read “2012”, the mayan prophecy never mentioned the end of the world?

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2012 finally came. Hollywood blockbuster “2012,” hit two years ago, has made the originally ordinary year has some kind of symbolic significance.

the mayan prophecy, solar storms, geomagnetic reversal, the smell of noun, destined to be in 2012 was really comes and talked about, and Mr Li Jing, a researcher at the national observatory has a thorough scientific interpretation.

mayan prophecy never mentioned the end of the world

the film “2012” of the story revolves around a mayan prophecy & ndash; & ndash; On December 21, 2012, is the end of the fifth sun ji, the world will end at that time.

Li Jing says, the so-called is based on the mayan prophecy. Guatemala in Central America had unearthed a related to this piece of stone. This stele texts is the ancient Maya. The mayan civilization in the 13th century already destroyed by the Spanish invaders, spoken and written languages were gone. Unearthed stele of s is in the 8th century, the equivalent of our China’s tang dynasty era.

the words on the stone tablets was deciphered, it is about the mayan calendar. Stone said, we now live in a very long time period, nearly more than ten million days. Modern astronomers call such a long period of the sun, conversion and is now in, in 25800. This tablet, we now live in the fifth sun ji, the fifth sun ji will be at the end of the x days. The end date conversion become calendar, today is December 21, 2012.

in fact, only saying these on this stone. It does not speak the first sun ji, the second sun ji, the third sun ji ji, fourth sun, also did not say after the fifth sun ji is the sixth sun ji.

Li Jing thought, the concept of the end of the world is an important feature unique to Christian civilization, while the rest of the world a lot of civilization often is not the concept. For example, we speak only Chinese civilization cycle. So, so-called the mayans predicted the end of the world, is likely to be westerners on the Maya.