Screen “wind” strong advantage: feelings directly Grosvenor LTD handsome hero


Thailand niche Jessie to state change blindness & other Gao Shuai rich & throughout; .

in the past two years, the screen & other; Thai wind & throughout; Strong, now has become the mainland screen a new force. Recently, Thailand sexy star Jesse to states and Thailand for the first beautiful young Mario’s new book will be in China, it also started a new round of & other; Thai wind & throughout; Hot. Mario’s movie “love on that day” and crazy little thing called love is coming to the big screen. And introduction of organized by China movie and TV, Jessie to bond starring “you are my eyes” zhejiang satellite TV on April 7, April 10 in CCTV, a set of three sets taken every morning.

for Thai shows a fan, male leading role is the primary weapon. “You are my eyes” Jessie bond is Thailand’s famous handsome boy. Once in “exodus princess” military uniform temptation audience Jessie state, in the “you are my eyes” transformation & other; Gao Shuai rich & throughout; , although expensive for family business successor, it was his girlfriend betrayal, also because of the traffic accident blindness, but also a blessing in disguise, met his own destiny’s child, staged a romantic pure love story. With a pair of magic eye when it comes to a huge fan of Jesse bond in the play the blind, changeful eyes also show the hero suspicious, sensitive state.

in addition to have a super handsome boy beauty temptation, “you are my eyes and the beauty of temptation. The play not only have a Thai shows fan favorite thick southeast Asia amorous feelings, and performed most of the scenes shot in France, exotic emotional appeal for the show also increased the beautiful romantic breath. In addition, the gorgeous clothing is also a major highlight of the show, in addition to the actor Jessie state changed many sets of costumes, stage & other; Gao Shuai rich & throughout; Temperament. Actress Cherry also have many sets of clothing, including dresses, travel and leisure wear, and so on all sorts of modelling, style.

Thai shows advantage: emotion more directly

in 2003, CCTV has introduced the “qiao maid”, Chinese audience for the first time to see the look of the Thai shows on TV. After 2009, anhui satellite TV has broadcast a battle of the angels “tomorrow still love you” “trap” and so on a number of Thai shows that triggered the Thai shows boom. In 2010, zhejiang co-sponsored by the film and television group trying to introduce Thai shows “tomorrow still love you” after the broadcast was a viewing black horse of the year.

Thai shows how to pretty girls.together sorry tale of love as the background, core, also like that year qiong precious jade play plot development, rich boy fall in love with poor home female, the female one kind, the female number two is a villain, hundreds of one thousand men and women protagonist of love. Whether once hit drama “tomorrow still love you, or will air show” you are my eyes “basic it is the image of the model. Although stories routines trite, but different region amorous feelings and chiseled, half-blood temperament of Thailand star, has become a magic weapon to attract viewers. According to a person responsible for the introduction of project of the personage inside course of study introduces, the plot of the Thai shows the biggest advantage is to rather strange and long arresting people, relatively, implicative, the humanities of the Thai shows the description more directly to the affection, therefore is more conform to the female audience viewing habits, can let them quickly into play and very enjoyable. And Thai shows actor most tall strong and handsome, and even have fans in detail which star is suitable for wearing a military uniform, which wear a shirt the most brilliant, Thai shows a lot of the beach in the play also can reveal male more perfect figure.