Sea turtles in male challenged with academic credentials program recording fainted on the spot (FIG.)

shao-gang zhang to pull faint & other; Sea turtles male & throughout; . (video capture)

after Liu Lili, engineering Li Yizhou male characters, has a job shows you to surprise people, a claim to be studying in France for ten years and have three degrees students Guo Jie, degree of suspected fraud, BOSS of professional investigation into the impact of record of formal schooling, finally Guo Jie should withstand the pressure, fainted on the spot. This a complete scene broadcast, attract the hype. You’re issued a statement yesterday, the accused Guo Jie deliberately act.

ten years studying background was random individual

on May 20, the only you, job seekers Guo Jie claims to study abroad in France, 32, a decade, and get a master’s, undergraduate sociology, director of international trade three certificate, just returned to China three months ago. However, in the face of the BOSS of investigation Guo Jie unexpectedly asked speechless and answer is also the wind and horse.

BOSS group members Claire asked a series of problems, with French but claim & other; French is very good & throughout; Guo Jie obviously don’t understand, repeat again and again. After language was judged to be not pass, BOSS group began investigating Guo Jie professional. Although studied sociology and directing, Guo Jie couldn’t say the French sociologist, famous director and the name of the movie. This allows shao-gang zhang and all the interviewer by surprise. Shao-gang zhang said: & other; I don’t want to go on the platform to do a difficult job, called anti-counterfeiting and distinguishes the authenticity, but now I can only send this enough to tear. Throughout the &; When bosses ready to question its study background, Guo Jie suddenly collapsed beside shao-gang zhang, & other shao-gang zhang first reaction; Are you a performance & throughout; , said & other Guo Jie edge; Not & throughout; Faint in the ground. When he stood up again after a short rest, bosses all pass on, expressed dissatisfaction with the job seekers.

you’re denied speculation accused job seekers from

this video quickly on the Internet, online conversation, and many people’s first reaction is that you’re in for self hype.

you’re denied: we do not hype, reflect the stage of the “you” is a candidate’s true state.

in the show the most contact with Guo Jie shao-gang zhang emphasizes: & other; Don’t drive this kind of joke, at this stage, I am very hate and hate any jokes about the stage of fundamental problems. First I do not turn; The second I will not cooperate with acting; The third act I don’t welcome; 4 please save for those who want to seriously looking for a job. Throughout the &; West China metropolis daily fun of holidays fun of holidays