Security of Peking University with Peking University degree: college or have yearned for when the security guard at Peking University

name: gump phase wei age: 30 native: hubei GuangShui dream: in the past a & other; Peking University dream & throughout; , and aspires to be a real pku students. The future want to be a Chinese teacher or university counselors. Motto: to decide the fate of each one of us, not chance, but choice and stick to it.

was buried inside a & other; Peking University dream & throughout;

high school read writer Zhang Manling write “Peking University talented woman”, describes the beautiful scenery of walked inside and academic master’s personality charm, I am very yearning. Thought, lifetime even if take an examination of Peking University, also want to have a look. Over the years, I always secretly carrying a dream, to close to it.

in 2007, finally got a chance to Peking University when the security guard. At that time, my dream is to one side when the security guard take an examination of Peking University, become a real pku students.

from the deep heart, I prefer to see Peking University security group as a talent pool or transit, if you think you have the practice at Peking University well enough, can, of course, through the rational flow of life to seek a bigger development space, achieve greater dream in life.

decide our fate not chance, but choice. To make a choice, he must insist on. From the security guard to the Peking University students, I chose, stick to, so my dream is also round.

his childhood much-derided

I was born in a peasant family in hubei, his father died when I was five years old got sick, hit the largest is the mother, her spirit is intense stimulation, gentle she particularly angry for a period of time, don’t give us the sister and the brother cook well, don’t tidy up at home, sometimes beat us.

let me feel the most bitter is not how hard life, but friends scorn to me, they always like to scold at me behind my back was & other; No dad children & throughout; .

I have been and they yell, and even fight in, but I feel cannot solve the problem, this is a real pain in my heart, is my own suffering, can not escape, I swear I’ll be sure to make life better, let mother assured.

at that time, three dad already agreed the object, is also ready to get married, but he see our mother and child three people really poor, just return the engagement come to my house to set up the new family, I later tuition is migrant workers earned him. Although fundamental changes to the family does not take place, but four people help each other, and barely had a go.

enter province key is to audit

& language is the mother always talk about other S) in the practise, & throughout; , hope I can change by learning the family fortune. I know want to a good life, the only way is to go to school reading. With this belief, I all the way up to GuangShui one, it is a provincial key high school.

I arrived from rural county reading, environment change, new excitement didn’t last long, his sense of superiority will let me feel self-abased, no matter from the dress and demeanor, oneself is very old-fashioned. In study, also feel the unprecedented pressure, I have found that used to English, I can be proud of in fact, pronunciation is not standard, often cause laughter in class.

every month, when I am in the best ten slowly down to more than 40, psychological pressure particularly big. Going to get to school next semester, I decided to drop out of school, the teacher was also good, but I just want to escape from this place as soon as possible. Clear decision before school, I was secretly contact work in Shanghai’s cousin, heard that he is there for construction workers, get rid of food and drink can earn 700 yuan per month, so her parents get to Shanghai by train overnight.