“Self-strengthening” as “the eight jun figure” with their feet Fan Ceng assistant to send brochures

yesterday, dongzhimen subway exit channel, c disabled guy wei-chao li copy “eight jun figure” with their feet.

right toe with two brushes, brush on rice paper, tiger whiskers filar silk is visible. Dongzhimen subway station exit, the disabled wei-chao li simulations with their feet on the rice paper paintings, many passers-by generously. Yesterday, the netizen called & other; Strong elder brother & throughout; Wei-chao li said he was selling, not beg. His ideal is to, through their efforts to do painting exhibition.

drawing 8 years copy works

when not painting, wei-chao li hands always trembling, 6 years of age with hepatitis b meningitis, make him seem so hard to speak. But once the clip on the right foot brush, this guy in anhui, 33, the whole body will be quiet.

yesterday afternoon, dongzhimen subway station exit outside of the aisle, copying the painter Wang Hongze wei-chao li jun 8 figure, his right foot toe with thickness between two brushes, gently dip dye, use coarse stroke heavy color, with fine pen to detail.

wei-chao li said that he is from anhui fuyang, upper limb disability after fever disease, 6 years old now and my sister live in shunyi, every day to take a bus to the stalls sell paintings.

& other; Immediately on the 8 years. Throughout the &; Wei-chao li said that he did not draw, draw yourself in the mirror, seven years ago found that like, feel has a gift for painting, summon up courage to streets selling paintings, feed themselves, to help ease the burden at home.

favorites Fan Ceng eager to do painting

wei-chao li on the appearance of the painting, always drew passers-by watch, someone is speaking well, someone is generous, dropping into his picture 5, a MAO, but not see before or after wei-chao li sheng money box, change scattered pile up beside him in the corner.

& other; I am not in the begging, I sell paintings. Throughout the &; Stop drawing, or try to raise your head, said with a smile & other; Thank you & throughout; .

he painted and some sporadic story is hair network, net friends called him & other; Strong elder brother & throughout; .

wei-chao li HuaTan ago, in a painting & other; Sit & throughout; With a glaring tigers, hair, beard filar silk, & other; Fan Ceng painting, I copy. Throughout the &; His favorite painter is Fan Ceng.

asked about painting price, he pointed to the hand written in pencil on a miniature digital & other; Throughout 500 &; . You hear people say picture, wei-chao li smiled, he said, draw a picture for every spends QiBaTian, & other; Very effort, so the price is high. Throughout the &; Recently, the wei-chao li has sold six or seven picture.

the tiger figure, wei-chao li is a bit not willing to sell, & other; My favorite one. Throughout the &; He thought the good work, all want to save to, & other; Make enough money, such as open exhibition. Throughout the &;

s feedback

Fan Ceng assistant to send picture album

yesterday, the painter Fan Ceng assistant Zou Yuli heard wei-chao li after experience, very touched, he said by telephone, & other; I will convey this matter to Mr Fan Ceng. Throughout the &;

Zou Yuli, says Mr Fan Ceng is now on vacation abroad, unable to contact him, but if you know the story of wei-chao li fan, will encourage him.

Zou Yuli said he will prepare some Fan Ceng album recently, and gave the wei-chao li, entrust this newspaper & other; I hope he will get well soon, the dream come true. Throughout the &; (reporter Jenny liu)