Sell kidney interests chain: every year nearly millions kidney patients gave rise to the black market

extreme imbalance between supply and demand conditions, the black market sell kidney is booming.

our correspondent YanYouLiang from Shanghai

May 7 morning, jiangsu provincial public security department released a batch of major network illegal and criminal cases, the police in changzhou have a series of online illegal organization others sell human organs in particular concern.

destroy the gang of four, detained 16 people, rescue sell kidney youth 20 people. Shockingly, in addition to the number involved, but because of the mediation & other men; Throughout captivity &; In order to sell in the dens organs.

& other; When you see the young man to squeeze in a small bed and waiting for someone to buy walk their kidneys, you really don’t know what to say. Throughout the &; One person involved in police to deal with the case of changzhou city public security bureau clock tower bureau told reporters.

with the deepening of the case, the mediation of rose to the surface: office & other; Professional & throughout; Web sites to collect information, online purchase advertising organs, captive donor, manage donor, contact receptor mediation, to find a buyer, will & other; Captive people & throughout; Sell kidney.

as a result, a by intermediaries, young sell kidney, for-profit medical personnel, and there is demand of domestic and overseas, with underground organ trade complete chain appears in public, and these people together is the huge benefits after selling human organs.

post selling kidney caused by trace

who have no thought of, this pile of the nation case was from a BBS posts leads.

at the end of 2011, changzhou liyang, sell a kidney appeared on the BBS news posts are local youth XiaoMin, 23. & other; No money, to see someone sold the kidney to ten thousands of, I also want to spend making easy money, want to sell a kidney. Throughout the &; The idea of XiaoMin recalls.

in the beginning, many people think this is just a joke. XiaoMin, however, is through search engines to find a website dedicated to sell kidney, and sold her a kidney.

& other; He found a professional about the kidney via the Internet website, and then according to the website contact phone number to contact. Online contacts to tell him, need to pay 200 yuan deposit first, then they will arrange physical examination, after finding a suitable donor can be surgery. Throughout the &; The clock tower branch of police told reporters.

XiaoMin revealed that at first he also suspect sites will be cheat money. But after a brief communication with people website, & other; A kidney can get 30-40 RMB ten thousand & throughout; He baited by the interests of the temptation.

& other; 30-40 RMB ten thousand & throughout; The number one called & other Renal source mesh & throughout; Webmaster Zhou Dong tell him. When XiaoMin said worry about whether the kidneys have a dangerous, Zhou Dong told him, & other We are a real medical groups, long-term acquisition of renal source to the society & throughout; , & other; We had thousands of cases of successful surgery & throughout; .

unemployed, cash-strapped XiaoMin decided to act as & other; The donor & throughout; . Hence, matchmaking in Zhou Dong contact, he was & other; Resale & throughout; To another broker, henan zhengzhou Chen before. XiaoMin was brought to zhengzhou, and reception, by special person for each inspection. The indicators good XiaoMin, was quickly arranged a kidney transplant.

when he stepped off the table, at a hospital in anhui bozhou XiaoMin paid for the hundreds of thousands of yuan, the abdomen below too much scar in the shape of a centipede.

back to liyang XiaoMin don’t know the police have targeted the clues to the illegal buying and selling of kidneys.

after confirm the details of a case, in early February, changzhou amid police fanned out in zhengzhou, henan, shandong jinan, Chen, Zhou Dong before two suspects arrested.

according to the police investigation, Zhou Dong is the shandong people, 30 years old, he found in the network information of calculating the organ black market’s nuggets space is huge, so purchased overseas server, do a website about kidney organs.