Senior officials of the republic of China have sat down at the Oriental female spy feet (FIG.)

Li Shiqun (figure)

in this paper, the original period in the history in the heavens and the earth in 2011 5

in the process of Japan’s aggression against China, female spy is a key forces of aggression against China. Japanese female spy use weapons not only is the pistol, bullets and knives, and more girls looks tempting flesh, and agile and changeful wrist. Them by China and the far east for big stage, who own scolds active behind China’s military and political bigwigs front; They are like poisonous snakes in the forest, tightly wrapped in China’s political, economic, and military lifeblood; Their idea is active in China’s land, as many Chinese nightmare.

this article reveals, not only has a notorious kawashima yoshiko, also have Japanese claims & other; The flower of the empire throughout the &; South of cloud the son, since there are some little-known Japanese female spy. In their & other; Suicide bombers & throughout; Under attack, a military and political officials of the republic of China threw themselves at their & other; Feet & throughout; , never be nailed on the history of the monument.

be beauty spy jen & other; Capture & throughout; The double agent & ndash; & ndash; Li Shiqun

on July 7, 1937, the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War. The eve, the kuomintang (KMT) party and government authorities evacuated from nanjing. Agent headquarters decided Li Shiqun and Shi Linsen, Xia Zhong higher three middle spy lurking down, do the underground work. Three people employed two maid, age are in their late teens or early 20 s, lived together in the middle of the road in nanjing xuanwu edge 76 big tree roots.

one day, Li Shiqun inadvertently found that one of them named & other; Jen & throughout; The maid is Japan spy. Was he should use this female spy caught, did not talk things over for two reasons: one is suffering from his wife Ye Jiqing have been evacuated as middle total authority in nanjing, have also hear people say into middle Xu Enceng concubines, and his is lean years alone, the delivery to & other Cargo & throughout; Is there don’t accept the gift? 2 it is Li Shiqun how left a mind, leaving jen is equal to the left a opportunity to take refuge in Japan when the traitors. So the Li Shiqun in jen frequently & other; Suicide bombers & throughout; Under attack, two people need, such as zhou yu’s sign up & ndash; & ndash; A may play, a may get! Time, Li Shiqun with Japanese female spy jen met laugh, for happiness, do the dew, couples Li Shiqun to jen shows the heart.

nanjing is about to fall, cunning Li Shiqun with jen came to hankou. The sino-japanese war situation worsens, the kuomintang troops in retreat, Li Shiqun fight completely lose confidence. Then the maid & other; Jen & throughout; In every possible way seduce, Li Shiqun finally determined to Celtic, take refuge in the Japanese invaders.

in the first half of 1938, Li Shiqun let jen Hong Kong first, preparing for his flight. Since then, he avoid middle in guangzhou area arrangement, the eyes and ears of the bypass guangxi, yunnan, then through Hanoi, haiphong, fled to Hong Kong. After to Hong Kong, accompanied by jen, met with Japan’s consul general in Hong Kong nakamura feng one. Since then, the days in Hong Kong, Li Shiqun life can leave the jen, the first wife Ye Jiqing forgotten, plunged into the arms of the Japanese invaders, he started his career of a traitor spy. Since then, as the main spy chief wang regime, Li Shiqun follow the Japanese invaders, and spearhead the creature, the destruction of the war of resistance, dry off the numerous wicked deeds, causing serious harm to the country and people, in modern Chinese history, the most dirty, the darkest one page. Finally, the military instructions Zhou Fohai, using Xiong Jiandong and Li Shiqun contradiction, through Xiong Jiandong borrow the Japanese military police special high-class classes of gang village in hand will Li Shiqun poisoning, lee, 38, when he died.

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kawashima yoshiko (figure)

fall in kawashima yoshiko & other; Feet & throughout; Under the aide-de-camp

at the beginning of 1928, jin bihui in & other; Mothering & throughout; The name to the northeast (the father of kawashima yoshiko was prince of the ‘good addicted to sojourn in lushun), is in no hurry to see the father, but is stuck in. Kawashima yoshiko moving around, gathering the news about Beijing’s military junta. Kawashima yoshiko activity not only caused in the suspicion of military intelligence, and several of the young army officer in department soon threw themselves at her feet.

soon, zhang zuolin in military operations, returned to the commissioner. Kwantung army JiZhaChu command kawashima yoshiko as soon as possible find out the route and schedule of Peiping to Mukden, ready to implement assassination mission.