Seven keywords: about Picasso works is to observe inner diary

2011 Picasso exhibition is China Shanghai expo garden pavilion exhibition, exhibition of 62 pieces of real pretty day price, this is by far the most massive Picasso exhibition in China, all works are from the French national museum of Picasso’s collection, and contains almost all the important Picasso’s life style.

Picasso who is it?

both before and behind, at any level, Picasso is no doubt that super star, people envy him the courage to abandon the existing style unceasingly, the envy of his Midas touch generally easy to accumulate wealth, envy him in my other relationships show artist charm.

this invite China academy of fine arts, art history and visual culture studies, vice President of the humanities college professor for us about some key words about Picasso, help us to understand what the artist legendary life and complicated works, to think about the relationship between art and life, and beyond the traditional practice, the source of creativity and the artist.


& other; I can’t read & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

2011 Picasso exhibition opened in Shanghai China. It is said that many viewers said & other; Look not to understand & throughout; . This & other; Look not to understand & throughout; Picasso was very anxious. But & other; Look not to understand & throughout; Look not to understand art, Picasso, not only today. The writer hot & middot; Laporte, Picasso’s girlfriend, with Picasso’s biography “the tears of the canvas,” recalls in the book when she was a middle school student, when the sound of fee within the lung for the school newspaper interview of Picasso’s. Picasso showed her a lot of work, there are women like paper, useful Chinese ink drawing line drawing, and the latest creation of oil painting & hellip; & hellip; Laporte also like our audience today, blurted out, & other; I can’t read & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Laporte wrote: Picasso annoyed. & other; Don’t understand? You’re going to read it! From what time to start, a painted to prove the mathematical formula? Painting is not to explain & ndash; & ndash; I really want to know, what do you want to explain it? & ndash; & ndash; But in the heart of the audience warmly. Throughout the &; Many years later, Picasso to heat & middot; Laporte lady so that story, or some anxiety, said bitterly, & other; Why don’t you understand songbirds sing? Understand is Fried potatoes in moaning in the kettle? Throughout the &; Perhaps this remark or somewhat unpredictable.


as art artist

gombrich Sir Once wrote in the story of art & other; Never capital of art, has only artists. Throughout the &; But in the eyes of us ordinary audience, or directly into a few artists & other; Art & throughout; The pronoun: he does & middot; Da & middot; Vinci, van gogh & hellip; & hellip; And, of course, Picasso. Van gogh was able to have this status, the main reason is that his works express emotion directly. All the audience, have different cultural context of the audience from all over the world, and can be by colors and brush strokes of a van gogh painting, be touched directly. Picasso is different, his life and work with us have a distance. Although the biography of books with books, Picasso is still our world a cow’s surprise monster.

key words:

Picasso’s singular travel

so, we’d better to see a good movie about the artist’s wonderful. In 1978, his story was a Swedish director tai hong & middot; Dan nelson made into a movie hilarious straight smile: “Picasso’s fantastic voyage”. Film exaggerated expression, let us realize that Picasso had become art legend: before talking, he will be painted. 7 years old started painting. At the age of 8 created the first painting “matador” on his horse. At the age of 14, he created a portrait of a neighbor girl: “barefoot girl” (he drew an exemption entrance to art school advanced class, beginning to realize that they can become a great painter. Now, this picture is the Shanghai exhibition). Picasso’s life style is varied, contradiction, mystery, led the whole of the 20th century modern art from the front, the wuding method, its creativity has always seemed to have no depletion, from young precocious, reform until old age, he is almost a monopoly, is already known genius legend story and art. Picasso to stay and work it is said that a total of nearly 40000 pieces, 1885 paintings, drawings, 7089, 20000 print, lithographs 6121, there are a large number of pottery and sculpture, and some say not clear what type of art works of art with a variety of graffiti.

keywords: four art and life

Picasso once said: my work is my diary, is the observation records of my life and inner illusion diary. In the history of art, he’s more & middot; Da & middot; Vinci in order not to let people understand their own notes, writing notes in writing backwards. Picasso is directly with various & other; Look not to understand & throughout; Works of art to write down his life. Trying to read of Picasso’s works, is often difficult. But to talk about his private life, Picasso the women in the life world, bullfighting, communism beliefs, and so on, can you often. It is easy to swing between Picasso’s life and art, unable to agree. But, as critics Claude & middot; Roy (Claude Roy) in 1950, want to biography to systematically interpret Picasso only through life, it would be futile. John & middot; He in his book Picasso’s success and failure, criticism sarwar winters (Jaime Sabartes), diesel (Ramon Gomez DE la Serna), make & middot; Cork (Jean Cocteau), Manolo (look), and other people intentionally or unintentionally to Picasso’s art to life the tendency of biography and derogation of painting itself. Therefore, for Picasso, if stay on the surface, it is easy to misread. Be realistic life, will relish his personal life world. Similarly, those too tends to form up to understand, Picasso is often easy to get lost in the style of his complicated uncertain that cannot & other; Read & throughout; .

some of the artist’s work is the record of his life, some artists is abstract art rules and forms of derivatives. But Picasso was able to make these two aspects can be both ways, bring out the best in each other. So, look at his work, can feel his life condition, to appreciate the artistic inspiration of real life brought him, and at the same time also can catch a glimpse of modern art in the 20th century modelling language development. He has to break the existing things, strong impulse of the established order, Picasso with their own creativity, for art for the emancipation. This is especially true for admire his predecessors, he. Picasso again and again in their own unique way of copying velazquez works GongE, imitations of manet lunch on the grass & hellip; & hellip; For all things and the personnel in the visible world, too. He seen from the outside, but from the internal formation of explosion, generate new possibilities on the modelling language.

five keywords: tradition and transcend

what’s interesting is that by Picasso’s work, you could not only see Picasso chaos contradictions in life, also can see that the tradition of Greek and Roman art, to see him in the 19th century European art tradition, see velazquez and el greco, goya, gaudi and baroque architecture art tradition in Spain, see Michelangelo and durer Renaissance art tradition, also can see the ancient Africa, before the Greek primitive art, can even see the east, China and Japan art tradition & hellip; & hellip; Most importantly, where others can only learn to imitate, walk back in the presence of many artists in traditional, Picasso in the most creative manner, completed the transcendence of art, in this way continuation of artistic vitality. As he himself had realized: & other; I late art in one of the most obvious features of the liberation of the past, so that the painting to the supremacy of grace. Painting is worse than me, it led me to it for it what you want. Throughout the &; As a pronoun of capital of art, Picasso, real, he is always able to constantly create new artistic language.

keywords: six creativity

, all this is a secret: Picasso’s creativity. Jason in his preface “art history” begins, with Picasso’s famous “bull” to explain the art & other; Creativity & throughout; Concept. He compared the differences between general artifacts and works of art. “The cow” only by one of my old bicycle seat and a used car. Strangely, saddle and handlebar itself is not a work of art, they are all of us cooked see everyday items. Although this work seats are extra trains to the simple to the extreme, but the more fine think, the more startling creativity Picasso, he has imagined, he also action, he never found in the specific object of coherent from and create the image of the cow. Process results so simple, but the heart-pounding step by step, perhaps it is the characteristics of creativity. Picasso is elusive, he is after Cezanne, most consciousness to farewell, farewell with inherent artistic traditions of the artist. If van gogh made great revolution from the color, you along the road to Cezanne pioneered in Picasso, and continue to push forward the revolution on the structure of the art.

keywords: seven misreading and dialogue

let a person feel to understand not only of Picasso’s works, he was astonishingly from time to time also always easy being the language of misunderstanding. When the Lascaux Cave was found and known prehistoric art, Picasso saw later regrets way: We learn nothing. We are difficult to understand words of meaning. In 1956, chang and meet Picasso, become legends of the painting. Picasso to Chinese art of praise, also often be elimination meaning, simply be interpreted as a comparison to the eastern and western art, is more likely to be those narrow nationalists, as the biggest proof of Chinese art better than western. You see, even think Chinese art is higher than the somebody else Picasso western art! & other; 2011 Picasso throughout China exhibition &; Has been opened, exchanges and dialogue set sail once again, in today’s reality context, worth asking, Picasso’s age, there is not completely in the past?