Shaanxi archaeological finds, 2000 years ago, “the whole chicken chicken hard bone integrity.

(reporter Feng Guo) beef products surprising surviving 2000 years ago, 2000 years ago a & other; Throughout the whole chicken &; Preserved? The reporter understands the latest, this only & other; Throughout the whole chicken &; Like beef products out of the same batch of tombs, although the chicken has been difficult to find, but its whole bone remains intact, for people to explore China’s ancient customs provides important data such as chicken.

animal archaeologists, the shaanxi provincial institute of archaeology research institute researcher song-mei hu said the people of qin and han dynasties to save beef products to interested in now, is also found in a batch of a tomb with him a complete skeleton of a chicken, its significance remains to be discovered.

for road construction, the shaanxi provincial institute of archaeology institute since 2009, successively in two cities have established bay litsun archaeological excavations, tombs excavated 312 seat qin and han dynasties period. To archaeologists excited, should keep in the unearthed a copper, rich of beef products, via scientific appraisal for yellow beef in the north of China.

according to statistics, in 282, qin and han dynasties tomb, 67 tombs buried with animal meat with bones, the flesh rot, can only see the animal bones. There are two kinds of structures in the way, one kind is directly placed in the tomb, the other is placed in the pottery of the buried. In addition to the yellow beef placed in copper of China and foreign countries, it is worth noting that in a TaoDing has also found a complete chicken bones, which revealed some information of the ancient Chinese chicken vulgar.

folklore expert, the mausoleum of hadrian museum associate professor Ren Jianku believes that since duke wen of qin establish Chen Bao temple, the ancient with chicken as the temple for a long time the Lord. Around, though there are differences, but the ancient and modern large chicken worldly existence, the han dynasty and even the development of recognition to the nation of divination, the influence to the Chinese daily life now, such as in the person’s birth, marriage, funeral and other important life ceremony live chickens customs still occur.

in fact, in ancient rituals and other important activities, in addition to pigs, cattle, sheep and other important sacrifice, chicken (close to the phoenix) also has an important position. Such as “rites” in a “chicken”, & other; One palm for sacrifice chickens, discern the content. Big sacrifice & hellip; & hellip; Every kingdom of guests, jointly with the army, his age also like it. Throughout the &;