Shaanxi is one of the world’s most densely populated paleolithic sites as the Terra Cotta Warriors

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los south shaanxi basin from more than 100 kilometers, east qinling. As one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization, has long paleolithic primitive humans living here, it is not only one of the cradle of modern human, but also the earliest human civilization open a the most gorgeous. From the end of last century, our country the archeologists began to detect here the ruins of ancient human activities, 18 consecutive years of archaeological excavations have new progress at present.

the most densely populated road 700000 years ago human footprints stoneware

on Jan. 25, the shaanxi provincial institute of archaeology institute released a los south basin paleolithic sites excavated archaeological latest major achievements. We have learned, in April 2011 to October, the team of zhang gouges where whole pieces were missing site disentombs, were exposed site more than 170 square meters, from the ruins of different era has all kinds of stoneware unearthed more than 20000 in the north, and around the site collected in take off a layer of stonework; 9 to 12, 2012, archaeologists new clean up the site area of more than 1300 square meters, the new variety of stonework more than 18000.

according to expert introduction, the team these stoneware contains an axe, hand picks, thin blade axe, chopping, large heavy objects, such as knives and rob and light scraper and tip shape and etc. Unearthed in addition to the amount and type of, can also be some stonework unearthed from the in situ split up. In addition, the archeologists found left over the operating point of the original human chipped stone tools.

northeast Asia: the number of types of the most complete processing best

according to shaanxi province Wang Shejiang archaeology research institute researcher, determine Qin Lingluo south stone ruins s to 3 to 50000 in 700000, ax, stone can now explore dated to about 250000 to 70000. & other; Its number, complete types, as well as the processing craft is the northeast Asian region, including Siberia, the best. Throughout the &; Wang Shejiang says, in the beautiful south basin & other; Forty miles beam tableland & throughout; Zone, paleolithic sites along the ridge beam shall distribution, density, almost all of the ridge, the beam can be seen scattered in stonework on the surface of the earth, explore the scene was spectacular.

los south: ancient for China’s north and south culture collection

the shaanxi provincial institute of archaeology research institute researcher Wang Shejiang said in los found popular in South Africa and the west side of Eurasia ASHLEY industrial hand axe, thin blade axe and typical artifacts such as hand pick, is so far in our country and even the whole ASHLEY industry implements the most concentrated in east Asia, found that it reflects the culture of the big side. & other; The scale of the site, also in south basin that ever found ASHLEY type tool combination is not accidental, south in sink in the north and the south in the history of Chinese culture, so it holds a surprising number of the site. Throughout the &; Wang Shejiang said.

proof form for the first time in 2011 s

in April 2011, in the depression in the process of the paleolithic sites disentombs meng, accidentally in town central village gouges where whole pieces were missing location more than 20 meters long, about 2 meters high on the loess stratigraphic section of collected, including two repair blade edge hand picks, dozens of stonework.

the los south stone ruins discovered the rich popular in Africa and western Eurasia ASHLEY industry implements the combination, and for the first time from the stratigraphic relations to justifying the ASHLEY industrial types of typical objects in los south basin s no later than the second upper terrace loess accumulation formation of the era. The old stone industrial landscape in east Asia, east and west of the paleolithic comparison research related to the origin of modern humans and the environment changes and technical behavior relationship has very important academic value, and also for the future los south basin the protection range of the paleolithic sites to provide the basis.

state administration of cultural heritage: as the Terra Cotta Warriors

September 10 to 12, 2011, los paleolithic south basin excavation site seminar held in luonan, from Canada, and the country more than 20 wenbo archaeological institutions, more than 40 Chinese paleolithic archaeology expert at the university of, gathered in luonan city, think los paleolithic sites in south basin has an important role in world paleolithic site, it should be with the world famous Kenya’s great rift valley, France ASHLEY, the South African paleolithic site side by side, should with the domestic famous hebei mud and bay basin, guangxi baise paleolithic sites.

on November 6, 2011, vice director of state administration of cultural heritage Song Xinchao paleolithic sites in luonan examined los south basin after excavation, so excitedly said: & other; South basin of excavation of paleolithic sites, are no less meaning the terracotta warriors in shaanxi province found throughout the &; .

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