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Shakespeare’s statue in their hometown Stratford evan river

& other; Hoarding & throughout; , & other Tax evasion & throughout; , & other Usury & throughout; Such adjectives, you will associate them with the big literary giant Shakespeare? Can’t believe that most readers, but the British one recent study found that Shakespeare are likely to be such a big profiteer. Court documents show that he has for illegal hoarding food sell and tax evasion and prosecuted.

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the aberystwyth wales researchers at the university of Wisconsin recently found that Shakespeare may have been using a major famine illegal hoarding food, and profit, the related research papers in wales high literary festival in May.

the researchers according to the court and the tax records of the time, Shakespeare found in 15 years continuous food hoarding and buying and selling, he hoarding of millet, and wheat malt, evan river at a high price to sell to neighbors and hometown Stratford grain merchant. If someone can’t pay or repay LiangKuan, Shakespeare will Sue them. As for the buying and selling of grain to get profit, Shakespeare is typically used for lending, in order to get more benefit.

court records show that Shakespeare was sued by the authorities for tax evasion, and in a clear time, according to the records of another legal document in 1598, Shakespeare was in time famine illegal hoarding food and sell at a high price and prosecuted. The researchers point out that literature researchers usually willing to describe him as a great and sensitive, and not willing to mention his shrewd, chasing the interests of one side, but this does not mean that previous literature researchers didn’t know, but they deliberately put side of Shakespeare’s greed for profit & other; Deliberately erased & throughout; For the later saved the glorious image of a great writer.

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Shakespeare’s main life and creative period is during the late 16th century to the early 17th century, according to historical records, in this period & other; The little ice age & throughout; When unusually cold weather and excessive rain often make crop failures, food shortages is almost normal. For most of the writer or artist, & other Hunger throughout the &; Is one of the important factors that stimulate the literary and artistic creation, also usually express the theme of the works. In many of Shakespeare, & other; Hunger throughout the &; The theme of almost imperceptible fineness is performance. In king Lear, Lear because of uneven distribution of three daughters of the land, causing war between the daughter, drop a tragic end. In an era of Shakespeare’s life, the distribution of the mean for the allocation of land for food, so is very important.

true Shakespeare more human

write Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and so on great writing and hoarding lending Shakespeare, which one do you prefer? In fact, the researchers point out, these two kinds of image is real Shakespeare.

& other; Shakespeare was hungry, seeks profit, which made him become a more real, more humane, more sympathy and understanding. Maybe, in Shakespeare’s own mind, he is not a writer first, not even an actress, but a father and husband and evan a riverside Stratford town residents. Throughout the &; Asher said.

a: I’m afraid few people know is that after Shakespeare’s death in 1616, his hometown for his monument was erected statues of Shakespeare carrying a bag of food, in the 18th century was changed to a more & other; Literature & throughout; Image, that is, all visitors see in evan riverside Stratford today & ndash; & ndash; Feather pen Shakespeare statues.

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William Shakespeare:

& middot; Shakespeare (1564-1616) is the Renaissance of the great dramatist and poet. Because of father’s bankruptcy, he took to the road of making a living alone, failed to graduate as a butcher’s apprentice, had taught in the village school. His representative works has four great tragedies: Hamlet, Othello, king Lear, and Macbeth. Shakespeare’s famous oneself also operating theatre, he work 20 years to retire, become the home of the big landlord after retirement.