Shaman song of god “is becoming” ceremony need not accept any remuneration

single drum performances of xiuyan

to find the shaman song of god

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at present, the shaman dishes (& other quiet Brazier food & throughout; , & other Stone fire refining & throughout; , & other To show & lamb cooked throughout;) Is to declare the world non-material cultural heritage. The manchu shaman mythology has been included in the intangible cultural heritage in heilongjiang province. Xibo shaman music has been included in the ili kazak autonomous prefecture of non-material cultural heritage.

god song not & other; Becoming & throughout;

here it is necessary to explain the so-called folk & other; Becoming & throughout; It with the shaman completely are two different concepts. Shaman TiaoShen is only part of the shaman of ceremony, does not receive any remuneration, also it is not just for medicinal purposes, but for the needs of the ceremony. & other; Becoming & throughout; Is purely by means of cheating, for the purpose of profit of feudal superstition, tend to be believe in shaman who denounced for & other; Jump baal & throughout; . According to Xiao Han’s point of view, the native of northeast errenzhuan initially based on a shaman TiaoShen ceremony, it is because of a large number of original customs commissioner of the refugees pouring into, han Chinese see faith shaman national TiaoShen activities, imitate, derived the men.

as a manchu, seek god Xiao Han song originated from many years ago a music thinking, & other; Why didn’t the manchu music? Throughout the &; Xiao Han doing when after ten years of pop music, rock music began to gradually realize the importance of regression and traditional, & other; Now if put forward the concept of traditional Chinese music, a lot of people say not clear, some people would say that every year Spring Festival gala pipa, hulus these things, but few people know that we are now the so-called national Musical Instruments are in the 1950 s after modified according to western music system, playing with the staff in the west, you hold an ancient pipa for now the pipa performer, he didn’t use. Throughout the &;

in Xiao Han view, including shaman song of god, a lot of the disappearance of the ethnic music, and music has been popular since modern times & other Throughout western academic &; , & other; Some people think that the two are different, because we have a gap and the west, but I prefer to see a difference. Throughout the &;

do god drum

the middle of the 18th century, has more than hundred years based in central plains manchu noblemen faced manchu gradually, riding and shooting, do not waste acquisition. Twelve years (1747), in order to make & other; Manchuria XiangSi legacy to eph pendant & throughout; , life allow such as compilation “king James manchuria to god to worship ceremony”, this is the shaman religion in China the only one issued by the official in the families of the shaman sacrifice ritual texts. In 1840, the British people under the artillery bombardment, trucking and fragile, how to protect the manchu culture has not nobles need urgently to solve the problem, the manchu also disappears gradually in the official document.

in order to find god and manchu songs, in Xiao Han’s suggestion, the reporters get close to the town of jilin jiutai the Talmud. Nine sets of guzhen town, is the qing dynasty in one hundred on the side of the wicker, since ancient times is the manchu JinFeng land, so to keep some of the manchu culture relics, in recent years, due to the local government’s support vigorously, the nine has been named & other; Throughout China’s rural sa &matrimonial &; . As & other; Throughout China’s rural sa &matrimonial &; The & other; Chinese people throughout & outstanding folk culture inheritance; , the farmers in the town of wood tower LiuGu Village GuanYunDe is now famous men of letters, the older generations of the family of the manchu paper-cut in his generation, has applied for national nonmaterial cultural heritage, also let the GuanYunDe organic meeting guest CCTV “art life”. Another craft GuanYunDe do, in addition to paper cutting drum, manchu said & other; In accordance with the mnuchin & throughout; .

according to GuanYunDe town still retain the Talmud shaman activities: there are three family home, stone house, Yang’s. & other; Nuerhachi unified nuzhen out four tribes, Laura, hadad, hui, Ye He department, we old home is bright hair, shunzhi years come to ho street, traditionally make offerings for the emperor to hunt. Old stone house in the past into the pass, and then come back. Lao Yang’s house is war, travelling from generation to generation. Throughout the &;

close family still maintained a family shaman priests, as the artifact in the clan WeiXiuZhe, GuanYunDe ancestor of an important mission to repair the damage of artifact in the sacrifice, one of the most important, is also the most easily damaged artifact & other In accordance with the mnuchin & throughout; . Since the childhood, drum GuanYunDe learned to do, today, at 64, he was the last person to do the drum to the family. Reporters came to GuanYunDe home, the weather is good, GuanYunDe out of your study, interest zone reporters visited some of his production workshop & ndash; & ndash; A small hut. Dark hut, in addition to pile up inside the leather drum, drum, drum circle ring material, also stacked delivered food at home.