Shandong new 24 filial piety figure “buried son in mother” story is deleted (FIG.)

dong yong: bury your father,

2400 years ago, zengzi said to the teacher, & other; His filial piety, in the great also. Throughout the &; As zengzi hometown, shandong has historically been in the practice of zengzi & other; Hundred good filial first & throughout; Lessons, and in this piece of land with a long history, there have been numerous son and they to filial piety touched by all the stories. These stories, still have realistic significance in the present moment. In shandong province in 2007, the old age society published book new 24 filial piety figure, makes every effort to carry forward the traditional culture of filial piety. Here, shandong son includes 11. In 2012, revised and new 24 filial piety figure (especially written for young children children’s version of the story new 24 filial piety is forthcoming. Recently, a new 24 filial piety figure “staff, aging in shandong province office staff MuRi rose tells a reporter, because there are a lot of business in modern or other case of their parents, who now to write this book is to make the public learn these ancient filial son filial conduct, and take notice.

article/journalist interns Dong Xue


Guo Ju burying son in the mother of exit & other; 24 filial piety throughout the &;

“twenty-four filial piety” full name “the whole phase 24 filial piety anthology, is guo ju yuan dynasty worship (Guo Shouzheng Monday, said guo float subsequently) logging, headed by YuShunXiao touched day’s story in the book, recording the 24 filial son filial generations of famous stories.

& other; Version of the yuan dynasty “24 filial piety” material is yuan dynasties before the story of the son filial conduct, actually it’s a little out of date. After the yuan dynasty also has a lot of filial son the story of the Ming and qing dynasties, but the reader is invisible from yuan version. If you have son even did the officer in the Ming and qing dynasties, made a fortune but also don’t forget the story of supporting parents, they are also worthy of our learning. Throughout the &; MuRi rose said, & other; At the same time, there are also some son filial conduct is controversial, it is not suitable for us of this era today, we will remove them, such as shandong son Guo Ju buried mother in the story. There are some children saw the story will produce don’t understand, why Guo Ju to father or mother, will be buried their children? The children will have a negative impact, so the meaning of “twenty-four filial piety” also was done not have? So we have to conform to a 24 filial piety, remove some and add some. Throughout the &;