Shandong rizhao coastal appear red tide, the image is very van gogh painting (FIG.)


red tides dense luminous algal distribution is relatively dense, a brick red photograph (May 7).

recently, shandong rizhao waters near a massive red tides, and gradually to the northwest of drift. The coast of shandong rizhao branch of state oceanic administration north sea for days red tide area is confirmed by satellite, patrol aircraft, predicting drift, and the responsibility to track ship Marine red tide monitoring monitoring. On May 6, according to the north sea branch of state oceanic administration integrated satellite, aircraft and Marine red tide monitoring monitoring results, red tides in shandong rizhao waters near total distribution area of 42.7 square kilometers, about 19 km closest to the sunshine coast. Article found a total of five pieces of red tides, red, zonal distribution. Through sampling analysis identified as luminescent factors, the average density of about 32000/L. Red tide waters with some white stripes, red tide receded residues. At present, the north sea branch of state oceanic administration informed the relevant departments, completes the duty Marine track of red tide monitoring, timely notify the farmers to do a good job of red tide prevention. On May 7, the reporter with the state oceanic administration of the north sea monitoring center staff by boat in waters of shandong rizhao search for an interview, take pictures of the maritime tracking sun red tides.

surface is pink, quicksand floating algae photograph (May 7).