Shanghai Disneyland main body engineering construction traditional Chinese festivals will be a special event

a Disney World, have made a small agricultural town in the United States Orlando into a world famous tourist sites. Now, a new Disneyland will have to rise along the huangpu river. A year of brewing, triggered a theme park full launch of the flute of the principal part of the project.

many of theme parks in China, not success, Disney mode leads to the transformation of the Chinese theme park industry? It can be invincible, continue to create a commercial miracle, and what kind of challenge?

Shanghai Disneyland project, and finally in public debut at the end of April, hold & other; The first anniversary of progress briefings & throughout; . Shanghai Disney resort construction site handover ceremony on the same day also held at the scene of the resort construction.

this means that the Shanghai Disneyland theme park on the full launch of the principal part of the project.

last year on April 8, Shanghai Disneyland officially to break ground in Shanghai. A whole years, Shanghai Disneyland deliberately low-key. This release, allowing people to see this in the past year, the two sides in hand at the beginning of each other feelings.

& other; Over the past year, just a head. Our journey of cooperation with all kinds of challenges, running-in, creating, learning, but only one goal, is success. Throughout the &; Shanghai Disneyland investment and operational Fan Xiping ShenDi group chairman said.

first-mover advantage, weak

in Shanghai old rivals, competition is not a simple

Shanghai Disney project first phase of the development area of 3.9 square kilometers, including 1.16 square kilometers of theme parks and hotels, retail catering entertainment facilities, etc. & other; We will soon start the theme park infrastructure construction, hotel and retail catering entertainment district construction will be scheduled to start the second half. Throughout the &; Briefings on site, the Shanghai Disney resort, senior vice President and chief executive of project development BeiHao DE proclaimed to the world.

but didn’t think of Disney, a year make their first mover advantage, become less obvious. & other; Mickey Mouse & throughout; Impressively detection, facing the competition in the Chinese market is far from imagination of simple, one of the world’s largest competitors, to follow.

is different from Shanghai Disney project through twists and turns, dreamworks animation in a more direct attitude, airborne in the Chinese market. In early 2012, has produced “kung fu panda,” dreamworks animation companies in the United States formally established cooperation with China & other; Oriental dreamworks & throughout; , through the way of a joint venture into China, also in Shanghai.

Disney is often criticism of western culture to China, while the dreamworks animation company founder and chief executive officer Jeffrey & middot; Katzenberg positive remarks in various situations, to fully dig Chinese elements, derived from the Chinese native culture new cartoon image, & other; To the world with Chinese language vividly tells the story of China & throughout; .

dreamworks China brand, perfect correspondence urgently look forward Chinese culture & other; Go out & throughout; Demand, seeking more dialogue with the world. Katzenberg smoothly open Chinese cartoon doors and get the recognition. & other; Oriental dreamworks & throughout; By the Chinese side holding 55%, initial investment of $330 million.

, according to people familiar with the matter & other; Oriental dreamworks animation & throughout; News came on, Disney has immediate contact Shanghai authorities, ask related situation, quite seriously.

dreamworks and Disney’s enmity, is not starting from today. Industry insiders have so described: over the past 20 years, the two companies to rewrite the history by Hollywood animation films. In 2010, dreamworks animation in the United States share of 33%, Disney and pixar, a subsidiary of total 32%, dreamworks slightly. Outside North America, however, the international market, dreamworks is slightly smaller, Disney and pixar’s combined share of 35%, 34% and dreamworks.

the Shanghai Disneyland project negotiations, Disney was eager to get the channel resources, to play the Disney animation, but in the end did not happen. Therefore, Disney theme park in Shanghai successfully, and animation business of the company but not in the Chinese market & other; The ground & throughout; . Compared with the Chinese path of dreamworks, Disney is obviously still hanging in the field of animation.

is more sensitive, in & other; Oriental dreamworks & throughout; The long-term goal, also have a plan to build theme park in Shanghai. Katzenberg also has been emphasized in the dislocation competition, & other; We view of theme parks and Disney is very different. They are a symbol of some & lsquo; The gold model & rsquo; To provide the experience of a kind of traditional theme park. But we want to create and that is very different. Throughout the &;

Disney, are facing more fierce competition. Shanghai, also will become a place of both the parties.

Chinese consciousness, strong

& other; Is the original Disney, and Chinese customs & throughout;

China wanted to introduce in the Disneyland & other; Across California & throughout; Project, but because the price is too expensive, failed to achieve. However, this project can now come to Shanghai. , according to people familiar with the issue of Disneyland to won’t have this project, but subsequent plan in consideration, introduce the possibility. & other; This is one of the most popular in Disneyland project, always a long line. In front of the large screen and 360 degrees, simulation on the glider fly over California. Fly over the sea, they really smell the breath of wind, flying over the famous town of orange, the aroma of orange Lin & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

Disneyland in the construction of Shanghai international resort area, is a complex integrated project group, all contain nine categories of more than 60 projects. There must be & other; A team & throughout; Thinking, in making important decisions in line with the attitude of practical cooperation, common to seek the best solution, to achieve equality and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Popular, is the United States are working hard & other; Localization & throughout; , the Chinese are further & other; International & throughout; .