Shanghai emergency interpreting profession belongs to the high-end interpreters’ high income

& other; Company last year there were 26000 hours interpreting requirements, but qualified interpreters are hard to find, the most difficult or with (sound), (eds). Throughout the &; Huawei technologies co., LTD. Translation center south research division manager jian-nong zhang exclamation.

according to the judgment: & other; It is just the beginning, five years China will have more need for interpretation. Throughout the &;

in recent years, as China’s investment promotion and capital introduction, business and trade activities become increasingly frequent, all kinds of exhibition, business negotiation is becoming more and more media have even started to join the interpreter & other A bidding war & throughout; .

the strong demand interpretation services, bring huge talent gap. It is understood that the current Shanghai number about 10000, engaged in the work of all kinds of interpreting many of them are & other; Sea turtles & throughout; .

almost every language interpreters in China demand is not small, and expensive, 800 yuan starting price is normal; Especially the simultaneous interpretation of the most difficult in interpreting, as a profession, charging per day, 3 hours to 6 hours of work for 1 day.

a veteran interpreters of the Shanghai international studies university, dean of the school of advanced translation Chai Ming Jiong thinks, & other; With the spread throughout the &; 2000 yuan a day of pay is not high, & other; Translation should be at least one day a day of preparation, if the meeting is a professional background is strong, may need to prepare 3, 4 days, if you work 100 days a year, equal to zero Hugh & throughout; .

in China, & other; With the spread throughout the &; Still just a & other; Small & throughout; , while high-end with & other; Throughout the country doesn’t even have dozens of &; . Investigate its story, Chai Ming Jiong thinks, with strong professional, is very difficult, high risk, & other; To quickly convert one language into the listener language and cultural habits of another language & throughout; Practitioner, in addition to a good foreign language foundation of basic skills, but also have broad knowledge structure and strong ability of information transformation.

& other; Good with basic jet-setting every day, often running. Throughout the &; Chai Ming Jiong exclamation, nowadays & other; Experience with & throughout; Is quite difficult to find, simple strategy is invalid, the high & other; Reputation is often got some meeting incredible money also can not find. Throughout the &;

the high income of business interpreting, attracted many young people, and also makes some social interpretation of Shanghai training agency business is booming. Wei-dong zhou, director of the German centre Shanghai tech is a very concern, he thinks, and other high-end interpreters’ Specialized, refined, sharp & throughout; , is by no means a simple training institutions will be able to come out, and a large amount of & is through long-term professional education and other Practical & throughout; .

Chai Ming Jiong said, including interpretation, at present China’s translation industry generally lack of talent. In 2006, China was the first translation undergraduate majors, to distinguish the translation talents education and foreign language talents cultivation.

China has now started to try to cultivate high-level talents of master of translation, Chai Ming Jiong call this & other; The Chinese translation of spring & throughout; . According to its introduction, only in Shanghai international studies university high school of translation, for example, have already three, forty & other; By training & throughout; High talent through foreign experts appraisal, to the market.

it’s analysts pointed out that China’s foreign exchange market demand is huge, in circumstances of globalization and the corresponding professional talent demand is soaring. Currently one of the biggest challenges facing Chinese interpretation, it is well trained and experienced talents. So & other; Homemade talent & throughout; Is regarded as the best way of personnel training and reserves.