Shanghai little Teresa teng Lv Yafen: retrospection in songs “old Shanghai”

this September, known as the & other Shanghai little Teresa teng & throughout; Lv Yafen, with the support of Teresa teng cultural foundation successfully hosted the “amorous rose” concert. November 26, song sweet Lv Yafen again to bring in the people’s big stage to a new performance & ndash; & ndash; “Shanghai night”. The amateur performance is also special in every day in LuYongAn department terrace on the second floor of saxophonist & other; XiaoGe child & throughout; Join in, the real grassroots star will officially debut for the first time.

Lv Yafen introduces to the reporter, the performance will be original show amorous feelings of old Shanghai in the 1930 s. Tracks will include romance, yao lee m. and white light three Shanghai’s classic masterpiece, such as “Shanghai night”, “may the wind”, “mad world”, “rose rose I love you”, “without you”, “fetch entangles refreshment”, etc. Lv Yafen said she during the Shanghai music college for further study, main romance and others of the music, & other; Her work although catchy yet been people cover, but to really sing the flavor of the era, is the need to do a lot of singing outside work. Throughout the &;

& other; My grandmother is eighty years old, every year to give yourself a cheongsam, also often go to do hair, grandma is a typical Shanghai style. I grew up to follow beside her, may be exposed to, I think that to restore that s song, in the first place to look for the temperament of the s. Throughout the &;

Lv Yafen, according to the performance of all clothing, hairstyles and accessories are fully referring to the popular elements of old Shanghai, and to find the Shanghai old tailor pure manual ordering. In order to let the audience quickly into the environment, the organizers will also be in the evening before the performance, in the lobby of the big stage before a amorous feelings of old Shanghai party, pull a rickshaw pullers, cigarette vendors selling michelia girl, & hellip; & hellip; And zhichizhiyao is the bustling nanjing road, like the scene in the movie. In addition, the organizers also introduced a collecting old grandma koehler and fashionable activity, eventually selected 10 audience will receive tickets and gifts, and have the opportunity to stage, ticket buyers can leave your contact information in people’s big stage.

it is worth mentioning that the show’s guest & other; XiaoGe child & throughout; Also many Shanghai people familiar with the grassroots star. Since 2003, XiaoGe son in terrace on the second floor of a wing on department store on nanjing road show sachs, a firm every day, over time, not only become the tourists in the eyes of a scenery, more attractive to the surrounding residents gathered in the dance to the music. Spring and summer volunteer, people crowd often pedestrian street jam, over time, reputation.

Lv Yafen revealed that she and XiaoGe child get to know each other for some time, asked him to come for cooperation guests with old Shanghai theme is quite apt, but also can let the son like XiaoGe friend walked into the theatre to see his performance. She also revealed that if the & other; Night Shanghai & throughout; Has good performance, she will also cooperate with XiaoGe child build & other; Night Shanghai & throughout; The performance of brand.