Shao-gang zhang in response to audience questions: bad review bad review Am I doing right

the period be scold war trigger liu.

luxuriant ZuiZhang, shao-gang zhang has a delicate heart.

40 middle age, there is no icon looks, presided over by the audience today is familiar with, but the teacher is at the communication university of China. Join the tianjin TV host application program “only you” more than a year, this also is regarded as shao-gang zhang presided over style transformation, but he has also been labeled a new & ndash; & ndash; The host. Female sea turtles liu, faint male Guo Jie events, let shao-gang zhang, the sharp and even chair domineering style by netizens.

real what is he?

west China metropolis daily reporter fun of holidays


on July 17, 18, “only you” record a new program, the west China metropolis daily in Beijing as the country’s first media to record the scene around. Shao-gang zhang after crazy siege by netizens also had an interview with the print media for the first time. This is a have many unexpected visit, after & other; Say what’s wrong what, what do scold & throughout; Of witness a shao-gang zhang recording shows, or, more can see one of the most controversial shao-gang zhang, might give you a real accident.

one impression 】 【

is very arrogant?

accident: take the subway to work, he presided over script

“you” the program is recorded in Beijing gaobeidian east art studio, just here is also the communication university of China west campus. 18, reporters came to the scene before 11 am, dozens of students of boys and girls at the gate of the studio, there is the audience to participate in the program recording, among them there are blunt shao-gang zhang of fans. Students make public told reporters: & other; I am a director of professional, just like shaoxing presided over the teacher’s style, today I also a live audience, want to learn something from him. Throughout the &;

around 12 noon, shao-gang zhang wear short-sleeved t-shirts, carrying a single shoulder bag arrived at the studio, unexpected is not by car, not accompanied by an assistant, he is a man coming from hundreds of metres away along the road. Recognized by many audience that take the door, shao-gang zhang politely response to various crowed, then into the dressing room. You’re the staff said: & other; He should not drive, is take the subway to gaobeidian, more than 20 minutes and then go to here, so every time. Call it a day and, if he must take the subway and metro, is too late a taxi home. Throughout the &; They returned to reporters, shao-gang zhang even carried a bus card: & other; One time after work, I will give a taxi shao-gang zhang said take him home, by the way, but he still insisted that take the subway. Then both of us a piece to the subway station. I haven’t any change as a result, he threw me two COINS, say please I take the subway. He is out on a bus card, charge station directly. I was a bit shocked, he incredibly and bus card. Shao-gang zhang said he likes to take the subway, to which all quick, province by car blocking the road. Throughout the &;

into the dressing room, sitting on the sofa to rest for a moment, the staff will be on the table, the bento progressive three meat, it is said that “only you” bento quality is famous in studio & ndash; & ndash; A high standard. At 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon began to record the program, simply dig several meal, shao-gang zhang sit to the front of the cosmetic mirror, makeup girl can work. Staff will pass shao-gang zhang programme information, surprise, only 4 piece of tissue paper, in addition to the above have the information of the applicant, the other is the BOSS what person, there is no information. Shao-gang zhang and makeup artist with skilled, and look down the information.

& other; “You never lines script. Throughout the &; The staff explained, & other; From started to now, the opening the host, the BOSS with job seekers are not met, we will only put the candidate’s information to salt before recording just teacher, plus what BOSS group to participate in the video, other all have no. Including everyone thought, which link say what, when to pick up words, these all have no, all by the host to wing. Throughout the &;


audience hate him?

accident: sharp does not change, to win the audience applause

according to the practice of “you”, recording every recording shows two games in the afternoon and evening. At 2 PM, the BOSS and the audience are in place, shao-gang zhang also from make up to the stage, with the opening music sounded, the new issue of “only you” start recording.

as you can see programs, each recorded four job seekers to the scene, through & other; Introduce myself & throughout; , & other Naturally I have only & throughout; , & other Money does not hurt feelings & throughout; , decide whether the job search success. But the difference is, when the broadcast, the program is only 80 minutes, but at the scene, each contestant’s job search process will be recorded for an hour, that is to say, a program must be at least 4 hours. You said on the one hand because of convenient editing, also hope to job seekers can relax more and more, better state, so try to stretch time.

recorded on the same day, chair shao-gang zhang still maintained a sharp style, become control the rhythm of the lords. It is obvious that by netizens criticized the storm did not affect him. He will ask player: & other What is your future? What do you want to do? Do you want to clear & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; He will ask BOSS regiment sealing, & other You don’t talk, don’t talk, compete the following decision & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; He still would vehemently criticized candidates on the spot: & other; Recent old someone scolded me, I didn’t lose his temper for a long time, but I was true to can not contain any more today. If you are my student, I call you really go out & hellip; & hellip; The somebody else a girl kind remind you, why are you still angry with someone? Find themselves first and then to realize the value & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

but this does not affect his time and again won the audience’s applause, especially his criticism job seekers that a win more video of the order.

but on the other side, shao-gang zhang exquisite also show incisively and vividly. When a candidate answer shao-gang zhang, BOSS group began to whisper to discuss, at this point shao-gang zhang turned away immediately said: & other; You don’t chat, don’t speak, can let the job seekers stress & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

what do you want to be a girl, she said before about their successful cases: & other; Before selling clothes, I met a couple, wear special soil, much like farmers & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The audience immediately, but the little girl continued to express, shao-gang zhang also does not have a conversation, in the end the little girl job search success. Shao-gang zhang laughed at this time sitting in the audience of the little girl her mother said: & other; Home communication to communicate with children, later can’t get no soil to describe people, we can’t look under the name ah, this is not good. Throughout the &; The episode of this accident again burst into laughter at the scene.

“impression” three

hammer now copper pea?

accident: & other; End early, waist dying & throughout;

around 6:30 in the afternoon, the first recorded over, sit the monitor staff stood up and habitual stretched himself, shao-gang zhang to step down after, immediately went into the dressing room. Took off his suit, quickly put on his clothes and lay about on sofas, lit a cigarette with your eyes closed to rest, the staff said: & other; His waist is not good, a record at least will take half an hour to huanguo to god. Throughout the &;

this time, in another studio recording shows lee to come visiting, shao-gang zhang got up at once, and lee words daily. Lee said: & other; Now lack of a host like you, uncle, more popular. Throughout the &; Shao-gang zhang also show their humor, poking fun at yourself, & other; Is that without me is called the host. Throughout the &;

the second game, have a meal, makeup, see information, just make up time was shorter, more is shao-gang zhang sitting on the sofa to rest to see information. Meantime shao-gang zhang asked: & other; At night so that they don’t drag, start early, finish, waist now. Throughout the &;

8:00 in the evening, the second boot record. Shao-gang zhang once again, a power immediately & other; Full blood resurrection & throughout; Not the same, and in the dressing room. Until at the end of a job seekers, the scene suddenly pause, because of the need to change tapes, shao-gang zhang again in your own way is active atmosphere: & other; Done again, a few times today? The old change tapes. Throughout the &; Finish this sentence, job seekers suddenly speak: & other; Shao-gang zhang teacher, what’s wrong with you. Throughout the &; Shao-gang zhang suddenly standing to the side bent over, hands grabbed his knee and & other; Ok, that’s ok, have a rest. Throughout the &; At this point in good tape, shao-gang zhang stood up again, to continue to show you record.

midnight 12:00, show you record, shao-gang zhang once again back to the dressing room to have a rest. Unlike in the afternoon, this time no change clothes, shao-gang zhang directly knelt down on the sofa, hands on the wall, buried his head. Aside the staff immediately asked whether need helped him to sit down, shao-gang zhang wave signal. After 5 minutes, shao-gang zhang went into the bathroom casually dressed and sitting on the couch, drinking a bottle of water, smoke after the last sip, backpack and walked out of the studio. At 0:30, this time did not take the subway, hit a taxi at the door to leave, the day of recording is finally over.

An interview with the

Rubbing his waist:

shao-gang zhang & other; Bad review bad review it & throughout;

before the interview shao-gang zhang, just finished recording his first show in the afternoon. Into the dressing rooms, the staff indicated I let shao-gang zhang have a rest first, then make up inside quiet a bit embarrassed. Lee’s arrival, let the mood eased. After shao-gang zhang colleagues in the communication university of China and with the kid to the set, tied the shao-gang zhang became more lively, made with two small children to play. But this is a difficult interview, shao-gang zhang said: & other; Bad review bad review, I know where the difference is. Throughout the &;

west China metropolis daily: in the criticism of your time, you have been in the lowest way in avoiding everybody?

shao-gang zhang: because I feel that I have nothing to say, there is nothing to respond. Before I never accept any media interview, did not respond to any questions. Because we are doing is a product, you just go to see the product, it is not necessary to try to focus on product, behind is eat chicken eggs without looking at the relationship.

west China metropolis daily: I think you will be on the stage poking fun at his recent often be scold, it seems, has not been online things affect life?

shao-gang zhang: of course, I still have your life, not be affected.

west China metropolis daily: you have no weibo, netizens criticized how do you know?

shao-gang zhang: others will tell me, make a phone call, or when you eat. I won’t respond to them, I will tell them what is my attitude.

west China metropolis daily: the attitude is?

shao-gang zhang: that’s my attitude, I do a right thing, in a word, there is no good to discuss.

west China metropolis daily: with sa beining a video has become a subject, what is the status of the site?

shao-gang zhang: I don’t know, it’s to a friend to help, so I don’t know what to talk about. See program also know, we didn’t talk about it. Is the title party, title party like do so out of context.

west China metropolis daily: you once said & other; You just said the others don’t want to say & throughout; , this is your opinion of before the storm?

shao-gang zhang: I’m not still that sentence? This is a product, then you use this product, some people think that with good, some people think that use well. Then people could say, well used with well also, so to speak, on the Internet has a bad review. Bad review bad review, bad review is objective existence, you bad review last night after I don’t need to discuss this matter, in my view, this product is a really bad? If it is bad? Myself to think about it, why do you bring me what I want to tell everyone to listen to!