Shao-hua Lin: China and the pursuit of fudan fudan principal of mind

for fudan, something the rest of this should be a free and rigorous, sincere and free from vulgarity of the mind, and soul serious and rich is the source of all virtue.

shao-hua Lin

at the fudan university professor Yang’s speech at the 2011 university graduate ceremony. A long speech, there are four full word, but long, don’t bother talking is some, President Yang is an example. Make me the thirty years of teaching in the principal under the faculty is not so surprised, as senior officials within the system deputy ministry, President Yang no mandarin speech, not a word. He repeatedly stressed, fudan mind in the heart.

he cites a philosopher and mathematician A.N.W itehead (gist) : & other; Regardless of textbooks, and lecture notes, he forgot to have in mind for the exam, all the back and the rest of the things is the most valuable, the rest of the things can really be called is education. Throughout the &; & ndash; Fudan, President Yang believes that for the rest of the things should be a free and rigorous, sincere and free from vulgarity of the mind, and soul of serious and rich is the source of all virtue. At the same time in one hundred years ago, graduated from fudan public school of Mr Chen yinque and Mr Zhu & ndash; As the President of fudan, he was obviously proud & ndash; Quote again on track4. Mr Chen yinque said: & other; Men of learning, to take off the shackles of mind in common truths, truth should be able to carry on. Thoughts give me liberty or give me death. Throughout the &; Old zhejiang university President zhu said: & other; University is the light of the society, should not go with the flow. Throughout the &;

& other; Fudan, however, is far from perfect! Throughout the &; President Yang (turn, & other; I wrote the speech last night, I heard a ashamed of fudan university, felt sad things, let me almost sleepless nights & hellip; & hellip; I think it is very important, if I don’t talk about here today, so I just said to all is a lie ahead! Throughout the &;

what makes the second-tier schools spoke for a long, let him & other Sleepless nights & throughout; ? It is very simple and commonplace. At a college graduation of time, a girl back to pick off the hat, unfortunately the shutter down. The photographer was fine, immediately took a supplement. More unfortunately, pick up hat girl then get photos still without her. So she request college roll that fill photos, sent to all students, including her. College, unfortunately, some people say that it is the responsibility of the photo studio, is not the responsibility of the school, let the students find their own studio. Even some people think that the girls out of a molehill. & other; I was very sad and angry. Throughout the &; The headmaster said at the graduation ceremony, Yang & other; Students bow to pick hat is her own wrong? Hope that the students get by oneself, is there in the picture is to make a mountain out of a molehill? Just think, missing in the picture is not the student, but a director or the secretary of the college, we again? Maybe you will overnight to printing will come out! Said I had to in front of me repeat: a heart that there is no spiritual home, could not think about the meaning of life and value, therefore could not have a real emotional concern for others, could not have a real sense of responsibility to the society & hellip; & hellip; I apologize on behalf of the school to the female classmate! Throughout the &;

I’m sure, similar & other; Photo events & throughout; This kind of problem in the present country university & ndash; & other; Throughout 985 &; All right & other; Throughout 211 &; All right & ndash; Too many, and from the perspective of the mind to think like President Yang and & other; Awake & throughout; And & other Angry & throughout; The principal can have several? It is a good qian way, get an injured heart enough care and repair. There is no doubt that in the eyes of President Yang, graduation can no dean, no President, but not without a graduate, & other; One can’t be little & throughout; ! Yes, but not graduate graduation also become a graduation?

it should be said that considering students education workers less and less of the mind. Instead, ignore students mind down the damage of education operation mode has intensified. As well known examples, such as undergraduate teaching evaluation in students cheating archives, such as let students fill in the form & on the other; Political thought performance & throughout; Column, such as individual schools allow students to find a company to sign false & other; Throughout the employment agreement &; & hellip; & hellip; Which do not hurt the hearts of students? Which do different & other; Sincere and free from vulgarity & throughout; Run counter to the heart of education? Which do not & other; Photo events & throughout; More serious? And how many teachers, education administrators, the principal for this & other Awake & throughout; ? Further speaking, our university education is depressed, bind the hearts of students or ascending, let the student’s mind? Use reference President Yang, a professor at the university of Cambridge, Alan Macfarlane evaluation of Cambridge: & other; A place can let the heart and the imagination spread your wings and fly, will attract us. Throughout the &; Excuse me, our university is a place like this? Is this attract us?

fortunately, China has the pursuit of fudan fudan, President of mind that is hope. In this sense, is not afraid of no Cambridge, he was afraid not Cambridge professor and the principal of the eye!

the author is China ocean university professor