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shan sa

as a “go” to get France literature shan sa, the Chinese culture year held in France in 2004, by the then French prime minister raffarin will address: & other; Not only is the home of Balzac, France is also miss shan sa’s home. Throughout the &; In 2011, shan sa brought a & other; Old books & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Her work in more than 20 years to write down four born of the willow, the book has been published by Shanghai bookstore publishing house. Awarded the French katz prize for this work, a former French President personally wrote a letter to shan sa: & other; Your language, your story and your subtle thought that I was deeply moved. Throughout the &; And shan sa for himself the young time of project, is described in the book of the story of the ancient and modern, smile to say: & other; I was crossing the ancestor of the novel. Throughout the &;

was & other; Throughout the 20th century’s greatest painter &; The secretary of the 80 – year – old Mr. Di never willing to interview

prior to 1994, shan sa also called Yan Ni, that her parents gave her the name; 1994 years later, the Yan Ni left in studies at the university of Paris, go to Switzerland to & other; Throughout the 20th century’s greatest painter &; Barr di as a secretary, Ms. Di Japanese wife she told Yan Ni & other; You so like mountain, landscape is also the traditional Chinese ink painting artistic conception, you would be better to take a pen name & lsquo; Mountain & rsquo; The word. Throughout the &; A & other; Mountain & throughout; The given name, Yan Ni take another her parents ever ready to give her name & other; Sayin & throughout; Word, named & other; Shan sa & throughout; . Shan sa to follow master life for two years, two years, shan sa said she did not see over 80 barr di to rest for a day: & other; He must do, every day is the big wooden house from his home to the opposite of the studio. Throughout the &;

follow baal di this two years of life, also has profound influence on shan sa. Also she is active in the contemporary art market, for the current situation of art market another saying: & other; Because I work with barr di such big painter for two years, he to my influence is very big still. Great painter, like he has been painting and, just be social acceptance. But now many of the young painter, we a, the price is higher than barr di I think it’s incredible. It may also be associated with present worldwide, global networking, etc. Barr di never willing to promote themselves, he has been to the 80 – year – old declined to be interviewed. But now, like Ms. Di low-key silence, perhaps society forgotten him, just like sink in the bottom of the sea of sand. But I still think is the most important work, is the first. Throughout the &;

France also have the most authoritative literature & other Throughout the &;

in 2001, shan sa by “go girl” won the goncourt high school literature prize that year, but the goncourt prize also suffered a lot of controversy over the years, although is the most authoritative literature, actually in trading between publishing house; Indeed academicians is a famous writer, but also represents the interests of their respective press respectively. For these, shan sa do not deny that, she said: & other; Have some disadvantages, for so many years, there is some, but sometimes the ills and evils in balance. These problems are also want to see where the year awards, what works, such as that year something is not good, then the judges may favour their own press, but if there is an everybody cannot ignore that year, there is no this problem. There are some of the works, readers are indeed not approved, it was like cannes film festival, also is not the winning every work is the audience favorite. Throughout the &;

in shan sa point of view, such as literature, art, to say a work is better than another work, this is hard to say, good standard & other; Such as our four great classics, how to get to their advantages and disadvantages compared. But there is one, is to a writer’s encouragement, to his encouragement, is a push for social and cultural development, the appraisal process is proved that the social recognition of literary creation. As the Nobel Prize for literature, it selected work does not necessarily mean it is the world’s first works, but there is a specific, it will be helpful to literature, will not be forgotten by people. Do it, the meaning of this form, may be greater than its content. Throughout the &;