Shelling Grimm’s fairy tales, the son angry stepmother kill Snow White

the June 1 children’s day, many parents take their children to buy a set of fairy tale books as holiday gifts. But yesterday famous writers, writers in the coming June 1, stood in the double Angle of writer and mother, suddenly attack today’s fairy tale creation, said some fairy tales are poisonous weeds. Is not only the domestic fairy tale, even for some of the world famous green fairy tale “Snow White” and “Cinderella” is questioned.

few people know, the had written a book on parenting. & other; I once worked in a kindergarten in Singapore eight years early childhood teachers, and preschool children live together, every day has a unique education experience, as well as the opinion of fairy tale books. Throughout the &; Tells a reporter, after a son later, son will call name & other; I have to & throughout; , & other; My tutor experience is sui generis and endless joy. Throughout the &;

once the of a Thai, is I the son of record of preschool this period of life’s most precious tutor fun set. & other; My family education is the most distinctive, not swept over, but can cajole, my fairy tale is compiled in finishing. Can not learn, but you can’t not to play, so I often to I have to show MOE weakness, has achieved a lot. Throughout the &; Was positioning himself as a senior preschool educators, so she of fairy tales in the book.

why suddenly have such deep prejudice to fairy tale, tells a reporter, because own experience. & other; Have a grandma to I have to tell a story, I have to ask grandma, what is the stepmother? Grandma said, is a new mother. Why do I have to ask again, stepmother to kill Snow White, grandma said, because the stepmother is not a mother, don’t like her, so I want to hurt her. Throughout the &;

the family don’t know, but this explanation for the child’s excitement. & other; He was particularly indignant, yell, I don’t want a stepmother, the stepmother if comes, I’ll kill her! Throughout the &; Tells a reporter, & other; I generally not very harsh words, do not know how the story went to stimulate him. Grandma scared, after this period, to avoid as much as possible. Throughout the &;

at ordinary times to read a moving story, why now will give children bring hostile? & other; I think that year when making up stories, it is estimated that divorce is not common, everyone as much as possible to manufacture the putative foe, don’t want to a few hundred years later, a lot of home have a stepmother, the education has formed a great trouble. Throughout the &; The explanation.

this reporter consulted with several children’s psychological experts, but mostly expressed only individual phenomenon. & other; Now children experience and think things really more than before, more thoughts, but it also can’t say the bad fairy tale. If through proper education and guidance, there is no problem, after all these fairy tale reflects the key is not a stepmother. Throughout the &;