Shen Xing book lovers to open new show: reading is used to cook skills (FIG.)

Shen Xing interview li (right)

& other; Have seen her before interview Chen, mai jia, ejection, think of the program is still very serious. Communicate with Shen Xing beforehand and found her still really to read some books to visit to negotiate. Throughout the &; On April 19, sociologist li yinhe side recorded at such Shen Xing & other; We study & throughout; On one side and tweeting about her to legend & other; Phoenix TV’s most beautiful anchorwoman & throughout; Impression.

& other; We study & throughout; Is started reading program in January, Shen Xing trying to bring the audience come to the study of cultural celebrities, studio, or their favorite bookstore, understand their & other; Throughout the story & related to the book; . Shen Xing will host & other; We study & throughout; As host & other; Entertainment storm & throughout; , & other Beauty private kitchens & throughout; After show & other; A process of self-improvement & throughout; .

the China youth daily: in have for & other; Open book eight minutes & throughout; , why still open this file & other; We study & throughout; ?

Shen Xing: & other; Open book 8 minutes & throughout; Is 8 minutes a day, this is not enough; Our program is the week, each issue 24 minutes, if you in 7 days, in fact also don’t have much time. Reading is supposed to keep a habit; Cook instead you must master the skill, is you like or dislike.

reading can let the heart become more fulfilling, let you not afraid of death, do not be afraid of the dark, is not worried about a person stay quietly will be very boring. It can make you very brave, and found that life of all kinds of beauty.

I did & for covering for other Open book 8 minutes & throughout; . After phoenix opened more columns, what do you think this year there was a culture of the line, which has a perspective there are all kinds of different & other; Day & throughout; So that may need to a new study shows. In Taiwan at the end of October last year asked me to write a proposal, in January of this year has the new columns.

is everyone together to come up with this program. Everyone hopes to approach the study of cultural celebrities, want to see what they were watching, like to watch; Everyone study, like his family, his writing format is what kind of, how did he read this article? Like today saw li yinhe’s manuscript, many are notes when she was in college, and she is new to write something, particularly valuable.

& other; Open book 8 minutes & throughout; With & other; We study & throughout; Are completely different form of programs, but whether storyteller or say, to read are recommended as deeply as possible writers, read the heart.

the China youth daily: what is your main target audience crowd?

Shen Xing: goal as ordinary readers at the beginning & ndash; & ndash; They will have a reading habit, reading quantity, curious about reading. This & other; Everyone & throughout; Is all the people who love writing and reading, and all the people who have a curiosity, and all the people who master these words.