Shen yin-mo manuscript 598000 illegal later questioned the manuscript source

the sun boycott of zhou zuoren auction zhou zuoren written books, school of manuscript of “Japan nearly 30 years novel developed after the recent consecutive (ft), Gardner company auction shen yin-mo manuscript of” yi lu xun once again attracted controversy.

yesterday, shen yin-mo Sun Shen changqing, said grandfather the manuscript is the vote for the new land on art and literature & other publications; SongShenGao & throughout; Should not fall into the hands Tang Tao himself. To this, her company said, the company has not received formal objections, shen yin-mo family cannot be removed.

shen yin-mo manuscript 598000

May 12 & other; Gardner 2012 spring sale & throughout; Shooting, & other; Humanistic feelings & throughout; Special launch Tang Tao hide Jane more than 20 pieces, Mr Shen yin-mo “yi lu xun” manuscript 598000.

for shen yin-mo manuscripts, said her company, this piece for shen yin-mo manuscript, “yi lu xun” with lu xun met in detail in this paper, in previous years old have meet in Beijing. This article in 1956, is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of lu xun, after “yi lu xun” corpus. This thing for Mr Tang Tao old thing in the world.

shenyang later questioned the manuscript source

yesterday, shen yin-mo Sun Shen changqing, said yi lu xun is a draft shen yin-mo for the art and new publication & other; Lu xun’s special issue & throughout; Specially written & other; SongShenGao & throughout; . This article later in the “new literature and a new earth” published in August. Shen yin-mo who specially sent a letter to the deputy editor of this journal Tang Tao explain the matter. The manuscript is supposed to return the original author, or by its reference room. & other; Shen yin-mo SongShenGao how can to the deputy editor of individuals, cannot be ruled out Mr Tang Tao to position to some possible. Throughout the &; Shen Changqing think that illegal auction manuscript source.

she said have not received a formal objection to

Shen Changqing said the auction had found her company & other; Complaints & throughout; To stop the rejection. Our company allows to check items, he confirmed that’s grandfather was SongShenGao.

yesterday, Christine lagarde said about our company, the company has not received shen yin-mo posterity formal or written objection application. In addition to the application, also need to provide relevant evidence materials, the company can’t without evidence had taken.

our company relevant responsible person, because have not yet received Shen Changqing formal objections, to tell the client program did not start. & other; If shen yin-mo family has the sufficient evidence or judicial organ involvement, we will actively cooperate with. Throughout the &;

the Chinese modern museum set up & other; Tang Tao youth literature research award & throughout; . Yesterday, the museum research, researchers said cannot find Tang Tao family contact. Reporter contact also failed.