Shenyang imperial palace to geothermal heating: cookstoves flue design in underground (FIG.)

shenyang imperial palace of qing ning palace west kang

rain and snow weather suddenly struck, shenyang temperatures plummet, wool leather body of people, calculating the heating device with finger coming days. How the ancients is heating, heating means of ancient people in liaoning and what happened? We now to say & ndash; & ndash; Especially in the northeast people in the collective memory of fire resistance.

1, from & other; Damp down the collection & throughout; Speaking of

as early as 280000 years ago paleolithic, living in liaoning yingkou jinniu mountain man began to use fire. That, of course, when our ancestors would not artificial fire, they understand only use natural fire (stores). But how they kept the fire, and keep them for a long time not go out?

according to experts speculate that the Taurus mountain man before you start a fire in the ground with stones base on a circular stone ring, to control the scope of the bonfire, similar to the later & other Kitchen & throughout; And then in & other; Kitchen & throughout; In the barbecue food. As you can see relics, ash is distributed in the stone circles, ash layer on the profile end to end, explain the basic not be extinguished fire. Top, middle and bottom of the ash layer distribution many stones, surface layer upon layer peeling off due to long time barbecue powder. This kind of ways of preserving fire calls & other; Damp down the collection & throughout; . Look at these sites, we try to imagine the life 280000 years ago the Taurus mountain man scene: they go out hunting during the day, night back to the cave, pull open damp down the fire. The burning fire lit, warm up and around people sitting in the campfire, barbecue day hunting effects & hellip; & hellip;

time BoZhuan to XinLeRen period of more than 7200 years ago, people in leaves and hides into short skirt around the campfire heating before cooking. In nahuy site, we can clearly see the Settings to the fireplace in the property. Fireplace is the original house located near the door, fire is the combination of a kind of cooking and heating facilities. It can absorb the outdoor blowing oxygen to help combustion, and can stop since the door blew into the winter winds.

nahuy relics unearthed relics the most two room site construction is half crypt type, about 40 cm deep below, have the effect of the shelter to keep warm. Site facing southeast, utmost ground to ensure the use of the sun’s heat. Nahuy site unearthed a batch of polished stone axes, they much be placed near a fireplace, according to experts speculated that they might be related to transplantation or retain fire, or a pinch of coals of special tools.

2, shenyang & other; Geothermal heating & throughout;

the modern people to decorate the house, the most fashionable way of heating is the use of geothermal & ndash; & ndash; To ensure both temperature, save a space again. Actually in more than 300 years ago, & other; Geothermal & throughout; Heating method is adopted to shenyang imperial palace.

the craftsmen, the cookstoves flue design under the ground, from underground to each house. Such as underground tunnels, qing ning palace in shark fin shape, the middle is empty, when had the fire burning cookstoves, keypad will be along the flue baking hot ground, both increased at room temperature, also save a lot of energy. Interestingly, burning and heated kang chimney is not built on the roof from the ground, but to build on the muddy ground, tall chimneys were not only have good exhaust effect, but also makes the royal building neat and beautiful. Huang taiji couple qing ning palace for typical manchu architecture style. North, west and south sides have fire resistance, when huang taiji was sitting on the kang summoned his servants.

in addition to the central heating, each house are equipped with fire. Also called brazier fire or smoke cage. Smoked there is a big difference in the shape of the cage size, big can reach hundreds of pounds, more than a meter, three, four legs, a bit like ancient ding. At hand, such as watermelon size, small, portable, foot warmer on the feet warm feet, there is also a warm hand hand warmer, lit a fire of coals in the fire can keep warm. Northern winter long, and even in the palace, ACTS 28:3 was also a great things, for this court specially set up the management of the issues relating to winter heating, such as, precious little salary is paid carbon institutions in charge of supply the palace. According to the relevant provisions of the qing emperors, empresses and the status of each birthright, daily supply of charcoal quantity, quality is also different.

the ancient & other; Geothermal heating & throughout; Although a lot of good, but this is used to fire the fire, through the fire to heat to every corner of the indoor heating way, is indeed a real & other; Noble product & throughout; , sheet is laid underground flue a, can take a lot of manpower material resources, so this & other; Geothermal & throughout; Only is found in the royal house and the temple, and the general subjects more old man known as the northeast & other; Fire resistance & throughout; .

3 snap, fire, the fire wall and fire resistance

now when someone backache leg pain shoulder take cool wind, home and the old man always such action: & other; The bed is too soft, if sleep rural fire resistance flipping flipping. Throughout the &; Northeast of the old man’s mouth is often said of fire resistance, its history has been more than two thousand years. Early in the book of songs & middot; lesser & middot; panhu leaf “have & other Kang fire eye acupuncture & throughout; , mean carrying items on fire basting, heating heating means. Fire resistance comes from the ancient & other; Fire snap & throughout; , the ancients in land reclamation, farming, nomadic, hunting, often camped out in the wild, in situ dig dug a pit, the pit light straw, straw burning, the ground after heated, skins, of grass to sleep on the shop. In this way, & other; Fire snap & throughout; Can not only keep warm, also can prevent the beast attack. As people residence, & other; Fire snap & throughout; Rapid evolution of fire resistance, follow people entered the cottage.

look from today’s archaeological data, fire resistance should be northeast ancients ethnic falling in the invention. In the east county of heilongjiang province unity village mining & other; Walter falling in family & throughout; Site, archaeologists call & other; Low fire wall & throughout; Or & other Large flue wall & throughout; Is the early fire resistance. Just then the fire resistance is single hole, is very narrow. Presumably was only the elderly and children living in the above, enjoy the warmth of the precious, through the long winter. Later, people found that the fire resistance in the central place, the room will move it to one side by side. Then find flue can be widened, and more. So, enjoy the warm in winter. It is gradually formed a real fire resistance, and become the most important Settings houses within.

fire resistance heating is through the crater burning fuel to produce hot smoke, when hot smoke after flue heat conduction to kang surface above the flue, again by kang surface through thermal radiation make whole bedroom temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. Fire resistance of the crater is also cook ZaoKou, commonly known as & other; A fire cooking heating & throughout; . Fire resistance of kang surface is also People’s Daily living, rest, the place of repast, even engaged in productive labor.

we can now see kang are brick build, in fact, early kang is built with adobe. How do brick adobe with similar, it is the hay with mud mixing, press in the fixed mold, into pieces of a square feet of adobe (TuoPi live very tired, also called & other; Four big tired & throughout; ), one of these adobe after molding, drying, used to run the house and barn, pigsty, of course, these adobe is the most important purpose is to follow. Heatable adobe sleeping platform kang surface may have to pay attention to the processing of solid, lest kang face burning burning was falling down. Will offer a real craftsmen kang. Kang plate well, kang surface not only the long, hot also heated evenly, despite the frost SanJiuTian flue, kang or burn, don’t smoke in the room. If there is a famous dish of kang good artists, every household will ask him to help to build kang & ndash; & ndash; Such people, folk system call & other; Kang immortal & throughout; .