Shenyang zhang ShuaiFu museum: zhang zuolin photos there is absolutely nothing wrong

zhang ShuaiFu staff at the museum of history data

(reporter Chen Fengjun) on 17 January afternoon, the zhang ShuaiFu the museum’s online media blackout, the classic in the history textbooks pep portrait used wrong, especially a media briefing, using historical data demonstrate that the Peiping’s photo is absolutely no wrong.

some people think that nearly period of time, 2007 years ago in history textbooks pep adopted an old photo of historical figures in Peiping, book mark is wrong, the character is not in Peiping but hunan a warlord which hai-qing he’s photo. Zhang zuolin sixth son son of Zhang Xuejun Zhang Lvshi also think that this photo is not your grandfather. As a result, caused much discussion online.

at the 17, the media, especially to the reporter zhang ShuaiFu museum shows a picture & ndash; & ndash; On September 14, 1924, issue of national news weekly first volume 7 issue of the cover. Cover is a piece of writing & other; Zhang zuolin portrait & throughout; Wording, pictures, and online picture is the same picture. In this journal, this & other; Zhang zuolin portrait & throughout; Be used twice at the same time, it is on the cover, the second is to introduce text with “the who’s who: zhang zuolin”.

questions about the issue of national news weekly photos in Peiping, is yunnan satellite TV reporter zhang. Zhang told reporters about the situation, more than a year ago he in yunnan army memorial JiangWu hall found this picture, the text is Ming mark & other Overseers hai-qing he & throughout; Looks suspicious, he immediately. Because he saw too much is indicated in the picture in Peiping, then began a thorough investigation, finally found the national news weekly. Recently, zhang published on the Internet about this photo, feel the need to explained, so they will get the national news weekly first (7) cover right away to the zhang ShuaiFu museum, truth.

the zhang ShuaiFu museum on the official zhang and public confirmed to reporters: national news weekly Peiping shots is zhang zuolin himself. Yunnan army memorial JiangWu hall photographs are not accurate, not & other; Overseers hai-qing he & throughout; The photos.

in addition, the zhang ShuaiFu museum also exhibited in the museum in Peiping photos on Zhang Lvshi false said, in a retort: & other; We now collect Peiping personal photos, there are more than 70, officially on display there are eight. These photos are from the newspapers, books, as well as the social donation and so on, every one has the source. If zhang Lv actual questions, can take out the evidence. Throughout the &; Yet Zhang Lvshi though out this early, after a long time and can’t take out enough, sufficient evidence to confirm.