Shi ashes still buried ditan staff: not in negotiations


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ashes still buried

in 2010, the last day of the sudden death of the famous writer shi. The last day of 2012, the ashes of the admirable writer and did not as myriad readers like buried in Beijing ditan park! On January 4, 2013, Mr Shi’s network memorial published words, ask, & other; The soul in heaven, ashes buried where? Throughout the &; And shi neighbors for nearly 20 years of Wang Yaoping yesterday told reporters that Mrs Shi believe that the fate of ashes, not too much to ask and management for burial.

on December 31, 2012, by shi series & other; Throughout the night & writing; Editorial board and shi shi commemoration of the institute’s host & ndash; & ndash; & other; Throughout 2013, shi with us &; Held in Beijing. Reporter has learned that at the meeting, although people love shi hope his ashes buried in ditan park, and to build a statue for him, but it is still difficult. Introduce according to participate in the activity of the critic XieXi Zhang: & other We exposed to ditan park through many channels, but at present, due to various reasons, ground to a halt. Throughout the &;

shi wrote a famous essay “I and ditan”, after his death, his ashes can be buried in the Beijing ditan park, also become the focus of attention from all walks of life. Media has reported, the writer spontaneously initiative, to build a statue of shi in ditan park. Because & other; If you only have a writer can be laid to rest in a park in Beijing, that is shi. He recreated from the soul the ditan, ditan park should be grateful to him is & throughout; . Reviewer said, pan & other; Shi and ditan, let a person feel naturally should silently stay together forever. It’s not a question of form, but the will of the inside of the heart. Throughout the &;

however, it is still up in the air. & other; Shmi (shi’s wife & ndash; & ndash; Editor’s note) see some of the graveyard, not particularly appropriate. Throughout the &; XieXi Zhang tells a reporter, after through folk way also find ditan park, at first they are not particularly refused, also send them a lot of shi book, but then it stopped due to various reasons, & other; Currently at a standstill & throughout; .