Shooting: gay photographer art circles all expect me to commit suicide

Sprovieri gallery south & middot; Golding gallery

London ─ ─ for a decade, south & middot; Golding (Nan Goldin) returned to London for the first time. To the “sex dependent ballade” ─ ─ a set of touching gay subculture in New York, she in the late seventy s and early seventy s into the) slides ─ ─ fame golding, often in his works exhibit a strong personality, like a vision of consciousness. Golding’s photography works now don’t have a biography is color. Sprovieri gallery solo exhibition in London, the artist exhibited a series of landscape and grid work, work and slide the new version of “fire leap”. Most of the photos of this group of children on had never exhibited, represents freedom, social rules have not yet been, sexuality is unknown state of children. Goldin and motive of creation ARTINFO Britain stood on her? The 2000 U.S. presidential election, and why art circle made her want to die.

when people see your work, they think of is not necessarily a child. what they want to?

south & middot; Golding: they thought transvestite, New York person’s mind will form a pattern, but my work has changed completely & ndash; & ndash; Not just slides. Everything has changed.

what changed?

south & middot; Golding: I don’t so constantly take people as they once were. At present only five people in this world I was in.


south & middot; Golding: I’m not that I am, so I no longer do that work. This is not an option. I didn’t at the market to change, I won’t because [art] is a kind of product or program and change yourself. Our politics, our social faith system, all does not change, but most people are no longer taking drugs. Life has changed. Children in “fire leap” is my friend’s children, they don’t all heterosexual. Children are gay. In addition to the package in urban streets, I also found a lot of other things in life.

you expand your world. In this new world, children are more & other; The present & throughout; ?

south & middot; Golding: is about in the presence of around 1989 in the new world. People don’t realize that my work has been completely changed. In the ninety s, I developed an English book “the devil’s paradise”, I think it is very different. Full of light, and some joy in it. Not all gloomy, although there are still dead. Sprovieri this exhibition is the first time I did not join any death, do not intend to bring any pain to the audience for the first time. How happy I was not a, joy and freedom, but I am very interested in this state. This time I showed some landscapes taken since the seventy s, some new square photos.

why in the form of a check?

south & middot; Golding: because they like to hang on the wall of a bunch of mini slide. My model is slides and book.

these squares are something in between slides and book?

south & middot; Golding: yes. The squares have always had, but the show has a represents my change. I interested in the change of shape and & other Voyeurism & throughout; In the Louvre, is I do the plan. [the 2010 Louvre curator of engage by special arrangement] Patrice Ché Reau asked me to participate in his Patricoramma plan. He take me for a deceased artists, so we fell out, but fortunately I and the contemporary art curator of the Louvre Marie – Laure Bernardac connected to the head. We are close, she became one of my partners. I talked with Ché What’s the relationship between reau all have no. He’s in his show [& quot; Les Visages et Les Corps”] Put me on a few photos, but choose what, where, all he is in charge.

and take photos to keep this relationship is important to you? How to show the idea of work is an important part of the work?

south & middot; Golding: I really don’t like photography very much. I’m just taking pictures, and then thinking about what to do with them.

you snapped a few films, including in 1995 and BBC cooperation, I will be your mirror. This direction is going to continue to go on?

south & middot; Golding: this is what I like. Now I have some good results. There are some books I wanted to made into a film. I don’t want to give his life to write the biography. I said too much and I want to do your own thing, feeling too much exposure. The sisters, saints, and the witch (2006) is the last time I render itself.