ShuYi: in a modern museum for 20 years About Lao she chance with his father

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ShuYi into China in 1984 work by some celebrities at literature museum, and in March 1985, he presided over the opening ceremony. & other; Sit under a see a person, I was almost shocked. Ba jin and bing xin, ai qing, zang gram house, xiao qian, even to the hu feng’s, who is who. Throughout the &; ShuYi said, feeling that day is a grand festival.

as the son of Lao she and ShuYi inevitably is bearing the weight of the miss of people to the master, and his own life, also because of his father.

in 1984, after 25 years as engineers in forestry system, ShuYi transformation for Chinese modern museum director, began to collect the best literary works in China. While in the literature on the road is halfway decent, he has won the trust of the people in the literary world.

at the time, Tang Tao collection covers almost half of Chinese modern literature essence, the national library and so on several big authority such as in his books. Tang Tao asked Mrs ShuYi: & other; You don’t retire? Throughout the &; In his early 60 s ShuYi said: & other; Not retire back not from my family, I always want to finish that until the opening. Throughout the &; Mrs Tang Tao said: & other; If you always presided over the museum, we will give you, we do not believe others. Throughout the &;

the trust of the people in the literary world, let ShuYi in a modern museum for 20 years, 20 years his efforts to achieve the ba jin as advocates of the museum construction purpose: & other; Tell friends & throughout; In Chinese modern literature, & other; There is no problem & throughout; .

today, ShuYi has built from modern museum & other; Retire & throughout; , but he also endure not put STH over and over again throughout the &; , after get the new literary history librarian this status, he continued to plead for around Beijing and cultural heritage protection, with words.

the cool and refreshing summer afternoon, ShuYi AnDingMen nearby dormitory building in Beijing, told this reporter quietly tell Lao she, and culture between the chance.

secret invitation letter

in June 1949, the country has been basically the liberation, the central decision was held in Beijing for the first time the Chinese national literature and art workers congress. During the first Wen Daihui premier zhou called the presidium core head & other; Five giant & throughout; Guo moruo, MAO dun, zhou, ding ling, xue-feng feng, said: now the lack of a person, this person is called Lao she, now in New York, please him to the back, I suggest you the presidium shall write a letter to him.

the presidium joint for more than 20 famous litterateur, many of them is a friend of Lao she, common signature write a letter of invitation letter, formal invitation Lao she return home.

this letter was Lao she back, caught in the newly published “the complete works in & after the other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Were seized, unaccounted for. ShuYi over the book at that time, so is the only witness by this letter, he remembered the letter all the literary celebrity with brush’s autograph.

this letter to the body by means of secret communist SiTuHuiMin in the United States. SiTuHuiMin took the letter find Lao she, because identity cannot be exposed, he put the letter in the crack of the door, the myself standing across the street, on Lao she continue to observe. & other; If not Lao she advanced to, he would have to take the letter back, fortunately, Lao she came back first. Throughout the &; ShuYi memories.

Lao she answer the letter very excited and decided to return home, immediately but suddenly suffering from acute sciatic nerve inflammation need surgery, it was not until the end of 1949 by the United States to return to home, miss the days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Lao she returned the next day, premier zhou was met with him at Beijing hotel. Premier zhou told Lao she, first not busy doing anything, familiar with the situation first. You come back, can give full play to your talents.

it was not long before, in the summer of 1950, the Beijing municipal labor people’s cultural palace held the literary and art workers congress in Beijing, premier zhou personally attend and chair, established Beijing federation. , chairman of the general assembly elected Lao she, three vice President Yang shangkun’s wife, old red army man Li Bozhao, mei lanfang and zhao shuli.

dragon beard ditch to experience a morning

after the liberation, the whole of the literary creation are faced with a kind of innovation. Innovation is the guidance of the theory MAO zedong’s “speech at the yanan literature and art symposium”. & other; To accept this at that time the literary ideas, & lsquo; Write of workers, peasants and soldiers, serve for the workers, peasants and soldiers & rsquo; For not from liberated areas, would get into a loss, this is a very natural thing, especially in the literary creation. Throughout the &; ShuYi said.

many writers in the founding of new China heart is full of joy, but it was written not to come out something new. & other; Two kinds of literary genre debilitated rapidly, is a prose, poetry. Prose, poetry to express their feelings, thought the writer if not born of workers, peasants and soldiers, expressing emotion also became a petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie.

& other; Writer primary job is to experience life, go to work, constantly self-criticism, change, discarding the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois feelings. They are very hard to write, but for fear of criticism, just a pen, think of me as a petty bourgeoisie, that’s all over. Throughout the &; ShuYi said.

in many & other; Throughout the & in the kmt-controlled area; Writer, Lao she is the only thing to spurt the great creation enthusiasm, soon had a “dragon beard ditch”, “teahouse” and so on. & other; It has to do with his background, he is poor, although gold-rimmed glasses, holding Wen Minggun, rare a foreign gentleman, but he clearly know oneself is unity and the poor, don’t have to surrender. Throughout the &; ShuYi said.

Lao she returned to Beijing, by the United States quickly began to find his three sisters. My sisters are poor, also dressed in patches. Lao she please them to dinner, my sisters told Lao she, & other; Now life is good, your nephew is now up, they are communist. Throughout the &;

blood relation between Lao she and poor origin and life to the people familiar with, after liberation have nowhere to go. In the summer of 1950, Lao she ligatures were two drama script, one of the “dragon beard ditch” earned him a & other; People’s artist & throughout; The title.

Lao she asked: how long did you go to the dragon beard ditch experience? & other; Lao she had answered, & lsquo; A morning & rsquo; . You see the characters, that is my neighbor, this is my elder sister, all in my mind, I am growing up in such an environment. I am go to smell the smell, it is enough. Throughout the &; ShuYi said.

“dragon beard ditch” describes a care about the people’s government, the new government do not repair the wangfujing, xidan, repair is common people life nearest gutter. This play was highly praised by premier zhou, and recommend to the chairman MAO.

& other; This 17 years after liberation is, strictly speaking, no masterpiece, the fourth Wen Daihui, gave a speech, said that our approach to literature and art & lsquo; Literature and art for the people, literature and art for socialism & rsquo; , no longer mention & lsquo; Literature and art for the workers, peasants and soldiers, literature and art as a political & rsquo; . Suddenly a lifted ideological baggage, the literary. Throughout the &; ShuYi said.