Sichuan a boulder blasting in two “shilong” has a head with scales (FIG.)

& other; Bang, bang, bang & throughout; Blasting workers, after several loud noise, stunned, rock burst, unexpectedly appeared two wankou thick & other Dragon & throughout; . This is a happened in pingchang county high home town a scene in the quarry.

& other; The high home fry out two shilong town! Throughout the &; The news in the local spread, & other; Wankou so thick, has a head with scales. Throughout the &; The villagers said so graphically.

reporters yesterday in pingchang county high home town village old village dragon stone (place) a quarry to see, the so-called two & other; Dragon & throughout; Has been blown into a lot of day, one & other; Dragon & throughout; The recognition, basic scrapped. Another & other; Dragon & throughout; Under the villagers joining together, basically restored the original appearance (pictured above). & other; Dragon & throughout; Body bent, and about 20 cm in diameter, about 3 meters long. & other; Dragon & throughout; Head pianpian, some inlaid stone still. & other; Dragon & throughout; And a stone of the contact surface is very smooth, and the two different colors, & other; Dragon & throughout; Is brown, is the whole piece of stone, white. Have many years of experience in quarry workers ming-yu liu gauge, both material is different, stone & other; Dragon & throughout; Should be a natural grown, & other; Dragon & throughout; Before being blasting and there is a certain gap between stone mountain, not one. Another was completely blown & other; Dragon & throughout; , about 50 cm in diameter, but have been unable to splice reduction. Blown out together with the size of two football & other; Longan & throughout; By two villagers hold back home (left).

what is the monster? The villagers, everyone from the physical analysis, agreed that like a giant snake. Reporters noted that stone & other; Dragon & throughout; The cross section of no bone structure, etc. After the pingchang relics’ management center staff preliminary appraisal, stone & other; Dragon & throughout; Is not a fossil, has now report to the superior expert, waiting for further investigation.