Sichuan food standard that an yue with German shepherd protect antiquities 150 yuan a month

according to report of xinhua news agency and other With German shepherd to protect antiquities, sometimes effect than the instrument. Throughout the &; Sichuan anyue 29 wen-jun tang, deputy director of administration of cultural heritage, according to this year, the county plans to 57 in the protection of cultural relics in equipped with 66 German shepherd, to increase protection for local ancient stone carving group of tang and song dynasty.

anyue county is located in sichuan, chongqing, preserved within the territory of more than 10 from the sui and tang dynasties to the Ming dynasty stone carving statues. Since the last century, due to theft, fragmented parts of varying degrees of damage of the an yue stone carvings. & other; Starting this year, we will complete for each national cultural relics protection of two German shepherd, for the county of each province, city, county-level cultural relics protection is equipped with 1 the German shepherd. Throughout the &; Wen-jun tang said, each dog food standard is 150 yuan a month, by the county financial unified payment.

after the anyue bump point has some German shepherd. At the country level bump unit hua yan grotto in the management of cultural relics, there is a 4 years old German shepherd guard at the door. The staff said: & other; As long as there is a stranger close to the grottoes, it is roaring. Throughout the &;