Sichuan luzhou found the warring states tomb Grave the bronze sword by residents picked it up (FIG.)

nanmu coffin was transported to the museum

20, luzhou hejiang city museum of han dynasty portrait sarcophagus ushered in the new members: 12 pieces of different sizes of nanmu coffins, 254 ancient coin and 1 piece of residual pieces of bronze vessels. Economic co-operation Jiang Wen tube bureau and local experts preliminary exploration, concluded that the master of these items, is likely to live at the beginning of the end of the warring states period to the qin dynasty. Mountain has always been to suck traffic crossroads, at the same time, also is the ancient ba people and the southwest minority settlements, its history can be traced back to the han dynasty. The discovery of these cultural relics, is likely to make mountain rewriting of history.

it is said that in tombs have a bronze sword and a small trunk, is now lost. Hejiang city tube bureau Jia Yutian introduction, these tombs unearthed cultural relics, for the first time found in luzhou area.

found during the construction and & other Top bridge & throughout; Are 500 meters apart

on March 17, hejiang city administration of cultural heritage received 110 report, hejiang city mountain town of feng instrument mountain found tomb construction site. The county administration staff rushed to the scene immediately, to clear what excavated tombs. Site has been dug up some coffin areas, there are no bones in coffins, is an empty coffin. It is understood that the tomb is 16 night construction workers, dig out. Because of the dark, workers didn’t watch carefully, when clearing silt sort out part of the coffin of things together.

huaxi city reader. The reporter understands, this tomb roughly thing front, a head toward the chishui, on the other side towards the Yangtze river. Tomb Guo residue has the white paste mud, preservative for the coffin, coffins below & other; Waist hole & throughout; The earth is all that fills. & other; About 500 meters from the tomb, is a former top bridge and Confucius temple, now there are bank temple ruins. Throughout the &; Mountain tube bureau staff Zhang Cai show, the tomb of dangchang, like the ancient ba people ship coffin, coffins no nails and wedge between cohesion, but fit directly.

vertical cave tomb dug thick nanmu and ancient COINS

Zhang Cai show, the tomb shape is vertical hole type, the tomb table 5 meters long, 3 meters wide, and around MuDe paved with nanmu. Nanmu appearance with black paint, but the surface has been corrosion, size is differ, a total of 12 pieces. Floor is 4.6 meters long, 0.6 meters thick. Gear head length 2.25 meters, 0.2 meters wide, 0.6 meters thick. & other; Carry one piece of eight people carrying is very laborious. Throughout the &;

tombs have been unearthed at a ware pieces and 254 sizes of coin, one of the largest coin is 3.5 cm in diameter, the smallest diameter of 2.5 cm. Every coin positive seal cutting & other; Half & throughout; The word, for the element face back. & other; A similar weight of money, but the real weight money regardless of the size, thickness is the same. Throughout the &; Zhang Cai show speculate that these COINS could be a generic MingBi, is for the use of the ancients respects to the dead.

economic cooperation Jiang Wen board and local experts preliminary exploration to infer that the owner of these items is likely to live at the beginning of the end of the warring states period to the qin dynasty.