Sichuan one of the red army cultural museum collection stolen keeper monthly salary 350 yuan only

daxian stone bridge the red army cultural museum is one of the important attractions of dazhou red, half a month ago, there are many display items stolen. Yesterday, said to the reporter, head of shiqiao, besides some gold and silver COINS, part of the stolen item is replica.

stone bridge the red army cultural museum is located in shiqiao Lenin street corner, Lenin street for the reds in 1933 in a stone arch on a meter square & other Leninism street & throughout; The name, now known as & other; China red throughout the first street &; . Two years ago, daxian government invested nearly 40 million yuan to build of Lenin street, built the red army cultural museum and Lenin park, etc. Within the gallery, display a lot of before and after the 1930 s many cultural relics.

& other; In mid-march, gallery door lock is broken, some COINS and related notes of Chinese Soviet regime period, all are stolen, it is said that many of them have very high collection value. Throughout the &; Yesterday morning, who lives next to the gallery’s uncle zhang said that the thief is at night to steal. Uncle zhang said, & other; After more than half a month now, I heard that haven’t solve crimes. Throughout the &;

according to introducing, exhibition at ordinary times the shiqiao is responsible for the custody. How much is lost cultural relics? Shiqiao mayor Li Dizhen, said in an interview after the thief pry open the door, inside a few sets of gold, silver and some bills stolen, because the bills are reproductions, the loss is not big.

Li Dizhen said, the whole condition of the gallery is poorer, although some guards, 350 yuan a month guard the wages is too insignificant. For the stolen relics, Li Zhenchang said & other; The police have stepped up efforts to solve in & throughout; .