Silvio berlusconi, those things related to art: fat be made into soap exhibition

image: China news

silvio berlusconi and cartoon

in April 2009, the Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi once during the g20 London summit leaders take photos when called to US President barack Obama, inspired the British queen turned and asked.

corriere Della sera newspaper published a cartoon on the front page on the same day. In the cartoon, silvio berlusconi, loudly shout, the queen plug your ears with your fingers and other leaders surprised expression. Comic book entitled & other The voice of the Italian & throughout; . The paper according to a report of the matter is Italy’s & other; Dead & throughout; .

republic newspaper published a cartoon to 3rd two dialogue innuendo, Italy’s prime minister. In the cartoon, one of them said: & other; Mr Berlusconi spectacle to unsurpassable. Throughout the &; Another response: & other; In Italy, we call it a charisma. Throughout the &;

on December 13, 2009, Britain’s daily mail reported that the European Union leaders in Brussels on December 11, held a meeting to discuss the problem of global warming, but leaders in other countries, Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is drawing up a lingerie comics, and send these vulgar cartoons to membership of the leaders on the spot.

silvio berlusconi and sculpture

on the evening of December 13, 2009, Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi at a political rally in milan is attacked, with hard by an Italian man wounded face milan cathedral sculpture model. At the same time, used to attack silvio berlusconi’s milan cathedral sculpture model also unexpectedly become a selling souvenirs.

on January 6, 2010, according to agence france-presse quoted French le parisien reported that berlusconi together with daughter to France azure coast (Cote d ‘ ‘azur vacation, in the Riviera (St – paul-de-vence – sleepy) a gallery purchased four bronze statue of nude women, and a portrait of paint U.S. President barack Obama as a superman.

gallery owner, said the four naked woman statue is & other; Sexy & throughout; And, the total value & other; Throughout thousands of euros &; , does not come cheap.

according to the British broadcasting corporation reported on November 19, 2010, to be elected by a sex scandal and disadvantage with Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi, ordered a marble statue of two Roman gods do & other; Plastic surgery & throughout; For the god of love and beauty Venus reshaped the missing arm, for Mars group la on the missing genitals, triggering a multitude of criticism.

silvio berlusconi’s fat and be made into soap exhibition

, according to Britain daily telegraph on November 28, 2010, Zurich, Switzerland, m gross museum of contemporary art piece by Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi’s fat and soap.

silvio berlusconi & other; Fat soap & throughout; The size and color, and no different from ordinary soap. The soap makers is Italian artist Jenny & middot; Morty, he is from a famous Swiss cosmetic clinic employees get the fat. It is understood that the soap named Jenny & other; A clean hand & throughout; Designed to express anger over corruption and the Mafia, wandered in Italy, and dissatisfaction with Mr Berlusconi himself.