Simone DE deconstruction “woman” woman: wave awakens the women themselves “revolution”

wave simone and her lover Sartre

deconstruction & other; Women & throughout; Women

& ndash; & ndash; Wave v watts wake up & other women themselves; Revolution & throughout;

mental health, from the external view, is to get rid of various social bondage. First get rid of the moral, if you are a moral, you should obey the social; If you are back, and you would be screaming society, but the battlefield in society rebelled, you fail. Therefore must not moral, and is not back, but to above society. & ndash; & ndash; Sartre

the speaker: Chris hayes

Jane interface: Dr Chris hayes for the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of philosophy of modern foreign philosophy research director and researcher. He especially contemporary French philosophy of phenomenology, France, post-modern philosophy, art, philosophy research achievements. His representative papers have art mathematics or mathematical roots of postmodern thoughts, the paradoxical way & ndash; & ndash; from kierkegaard to levy the book, the logic of external thought and horizontal, the philosophical arguments from & other sex & throughout; to & other descriptive philosophy. Including the French philosophy of enlightenment “, “the spirit of the split: dialogue with older derrida, from husserl to derrida.

revolution: women of the 20th century puzzle

about wave v, people seem to have said a lot. In China, she was almost in pursuit of romantic women intellectuals are scrambling to imitate the model. But all this, is likely to be due to false respect misunderstanding. Why is that? People are keen to talk about wave v, is more interested in, is she and Sartre’s strange & other; Marriage & throughout; Relationship. People praise her “the second sex, it seems that only thought the book has some romantic emotional appeal of the petty bourgeoisie. About wave v, what is even more crucial words didn’t say it? The two most important words, I believe, also didn’t say it, it is women & other Revolution & throughout; !

after & other; Anti-rightist & throughout; Experienced & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; , today, ordinary Chinese psychology to & other; Revolution & throughout; In extreme & other; Numbness & throughout; In the state. What I said is the intellectuals, the only attitude to some, is wants to manage their own lives.

but here I want to say to the so-called repeatedly & other Revolution & throughout; . Maybe people don’t know this sentence is also going to talk about today’s French existentialist philosopher and writer Sartre, the name of a book.

& other; Revolution & throughout; Is a great word. In the history of the human spirit, the most exciting, most can arouse people’s desire to direct action, even with & other Revolution & throughout; The word. History, a lot of relevant & other; Revolution & throughout; , let the people you’ll never forget, even after many years, also the power of keeping fresh. Sartre’s lover, for example, French female writer simone DE wave in her famous works “the second sex,” said many & other; Revolution & throughout; Language. Pick a word:

there really is a woman? A woman is not born a woman, the woman is produced by men!

forgotten: about wave v and Sartre

when we talk about wave v tile, had to touch the Sartre and & other Sartre hot & throughout; .

in fact, in China & other; Sartre hot & throughout; With & other; Wave v tile hot & throughout; , all has passed, is in the last century. Now the most popular French thinker in academic circles, is foucault, derrida, deleuze. From the contemporary western academic trend, in the domestic like fashion, fashion for a while, don’t know what style and popular next year.

but thought is not fashion. I mean, in the 1980 s, Sartre and simone DE wave began to hit China, two people advocated & other The existential & throughout; Philosophy is regarded as a kind of fashion, we don’t have to meet their theory reserves. Because of Sartre and simone DE wave thoughts in political life and color, strong and even lead to the life that we used to the existential values automatically with & other; Frog mirror & throughout; And & other Flared trousers & throughout; Link. So one side & other; Flared trousers cut & throughout; While criticizing Sartre’s & other; Humanitarian & throughout; . Now that I think about it, the fact is really is in distress situation.

now that you have no longer & other; Fashionable & throughout; And academic circles also now few people to read Sartre’s “being and nothingness”, not to mention, “the second wave v watt. I think this & other; Snob & throughout; The phenomenon of sad & ndash; & ndash; Seem to not care about the community of academic itself, but as the thought and academic fashion to hype, the more new released just the more valuable & ndash; & ndash; This situation is ridiculous.

don’t read the book “the second sex, don’t know wave v the most profound spiritual world, and also don’t know her real value. Simple small endowment emotional appeal of the people to the wave v says everything, just tap.

don’t ask whether first & other; A woman & throughout; . The woman is some, what the problem is that the woman is? An old Latin adage says & other; The woman is the uterus & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; This meaning is obvious, of course, a woman is different from the man’s genitals, women have a uterus, and men don’t. But if, in turn, asked, & other; What is a man & throughout; ? If there was a man answered and said to them, & other A man’s penis & throughout; To hear these words, both men and women, all will think the respondents your mind! Let me take the more popular narrative language again their point of view: a woman is equal to the sex, and man is not man equals & other; People throughout the &; . Isn’t it? Such as in a standard English academic paper, we use & other; Man” Or & other Men” On behalf of humans, if someone in the article must use & other; Throughout her &; (she) to represent all the people, the academic circles usually say, this article said they did not follow the academic norms.

the above situation is not only interesting, and it is painful, because it is preset a premise, as the bible says, eve is one of Adam’s ribs, already belongs to the man. Even if a woman can separate, also can only be & other; The second & throughout; Gender. Simone DE wave in her “the second opening took the question so sharply before us. She suspected & other; Women & throughout; This concept was established. We here don’t have to say she suspected the basis, but as long as follow & other Women & throughout; The traditional concept of the walk to the end, and see what we can think of, the problem will be suddenly enlightened. & other; Women & throughout; Not born & other; Women & throughout; , when the powerful public opinion that a woman is like, what will be like women. However, the appearance of a woman now, with the appearance of women should be, is not the same & ndash; & ndash; It is on this idea, simone DE wave is a maverick. Haven’t really solve, she just opened up a new thinking direction, she had the courage to think.

women sex appeal is a kind of natural beauty, for example, however, if a woman just to impress men dress up oneself, the joy of this idea is very traditional. The problem is not the traditional idea is not good, but in the traditional concept of people. Why men can be regarded as first & other; People throughout the &; That only in the presence of a woman to be seen as & other; Man & throughout; ? Why can’t a woman first is thought to be & other; People throughout the &; ? Why even in before the man, the woman also is thought to be first & other; Women & throughout; ? These questions, is not a game playing with words. For a woman, the first thing we think of & other; She is a person & throughout; Or & other; She is a woman & throughout; , in effect is not the same. What’s different? Is the identity problem. Domestic a very famous prose writer zhou guoping once said, the woman learn philosophy is not only the misfortune woman is philosophy, philosophy of god knows how much I love and I love women (careless). Zhou guoping this sentence is absolutely sincere and loving tone, but also the preset the identity of the woman: don’t allow women engaged in what profession, but said women born is not suitable for what, and also in instilling ground to say: lady, if you stubbornly engaged in this industry, even spoiling! (I confess, in my book he prowled the road, I said a similar point of view, and I also want to add, & other; God knows how much I love women throughout the &;) ! My knowledge here is definitely not want to provoke men (this is a bit weird) and women, between special and intellectual women & other; Gender war & throughout; Whether the war has always been there, I no matter first.