Single children New Year meet relatives do not know Popular network relation diagram

at Internet & other; China’s relative diagram & throughout; .

call grandma mother’s mother’s sister, what is the relationship with my father? Mom’s uncle what should call? & other; Alone the generation & throughout; Have father to citizens in the face of Mr Han & other; Only the second generation & throughout; Covered the son such questions from all of a sudden, I do not know how to answer. Relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, if the children ask, would you answer? If don’t hurry up to check & other; China’s relative diagram & throughout; .

like Mr Han, is a sophomore of Wang Qihe every New Year’s day when will be for the New Year when relatives appellation. & other; The day before yesterday to go to my uncle public New Year, in the face of a great-uncle a large family, met all don’t know how to call it. Later my mother let me call big jiu male, I just followed the call, before is & lsquo; Hey hey & rsquo; Giggle. Throughout the &; Wang Qihe admitted that had always didn’t understand the difference between the cousin and cousin, cousin and nephew, afraid of is wrong the opportunity for comedy but met people don’t say “hello” is not polite, very embarrassed.

reporter survey found that young people New Year were baffled the appellation in the minority. As & other; Alone the generation & throughout; With & other; Only the second generation & throughout; Birth, many of the younger generation of Chinese traditional family affinity not familiar with, especially my uncle, aunt call for these and other Only the second generation & throughout; All the more strange, New Year call to mix, often wrong. To this, a lot of people on twitter, said the new general parents let you how to call you, or simply a nod to say hello, even so is & other; Call again just met, have forgotten. Throughout the &;

because of that, this year Spring Festival Internet & other China’s relative diagram & throughout; Is young. Appellation of the table is divided into family, relatives appellation, friends and teachers of appellation in three parts, detailed the interpersonal aspect of generational size and various relations appellation. This Zhang Xinxian baked chart, let many people resonates, some netizens even as it & other; Happy New Year Spring Festival necessary figure & throughout; . , for example, the father of older siblings uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt), to his father’s brother and sister-in-law said his uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt); To the mother’s uncle, aunt, said outside too uncle, aunt or gu, gu basking, man who grandnephew, woman who grandniece; To her husband (wife) of family and other relatives, and her husband (wife) what do you call, oneself also should call, don’t care about age.

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experts are calling for, the Chinese relation is quite complex, produced by in-laws and its derived various appellation is a characteristic of Chinese culture, too, should be & other; Related terms & throughout; Education and popularization in the Chinese civilization etiquette education, the folk custom title to get accurate and descendants.