Sister jiang love: “false” husband and wife feelings do sterilization for the revolution

love sister jiang: & other; Bamboo & throughout; & other; Throughout the &; Love in another & other; Red & throughout;

land in China, sister jiang this name familiar. Her in the face of the enemy of all kinds of torture in prison and name & other; Bamboo stick son is made of bamboo, the communist party member’s will is the steel moulds & throughout; The sobering words, by countless people to overcome difficulties motto. Sister jiang iron will let a person respect, and as a wife, as a mother, her heart knot emotional story, SOB.

organizations decided to let them disguised as husband and wife

in May 1943, work in chengdu Jiang Zhujun received the organization an important and special to her task: to chongqing 彭咏梧 disguised as husband and wife, with the communist party of China chongqing municipal committee of the first members to work to cover underground party.

when intermediate staff 彭咏梧 public identity is the central insolvency & public trustee’s office, but because they had no family, can only live in single dormitory, a dozen men this is very bad for underground activities. Happen to be in at that time, the central insolvency & public trustee’s office has just repaired the worker dormitory, so organization decided to 彭咏梧 to reason to apply for a time with their families. As the business backbone, 彭咏梧 apply for consent, he points to a set of housing. 彭咏梧 requirements, however, take in YunYang wife and children to request has not been approved.

was determined according to the underground party, 彭咏梧 from YunYang, wanxian municipality, the county party committee secretary of the posts to chongqing. He soon to chongqing, namely through organization agree, wrote a letter to his wife, take her son to come to chongqing. However, because of the son Peng Bingzhong is measles, and his wife Tan Zhenglun borrow money to run a household textile mill has just opened, cannot leave, so she wrote back 彭咏梧, hope to go to chongqing again over time.

Tan Zhenglun this letters, however, caused the party comrades worry and alert. Because chongqing is under the white terror, was not taken, it is possible to havoc and catastrophic consequences!

but 彭咏梧 to chongqing, underground party chongqing municipal committee of the second member Mr. Introduced in public 彭咏梧, said he was a graduate of the university of central, and worked as a clerk in Peiping bank, therefore, if his communication with YunYang hometown was postal inspection found that the consequences will be unimaginable. So, chongqing municipal committee of the second member of advice 彭咏梧 immediately cut off contact everything in east sichuan, including the communication with his wife.

now, is to have a family to do cover, 彭咏梧 proposed to take his wife and children, should be allowed, but considering the nature of work 彭咏梧, especially during the period of rectification, there are a lot of paperwork and liaison work need to deal with, an ordinary family can’t help LaoPeng work role. So comrades propose to cover 彭咏梧, should be healthy and educated, can cope with various complex environment, experience with struggle of female comrade in the party.