Slovakia 14 th-century castle museum was burned down Because children learn to smoke (FIG.)

in eastern Slovakia have magnificent 14 th-century castle Krasna Horka recently there was a fire, the fire fierce, shot within a few minutes on the top of fort to more than 80 firefighters rushed to the scene reluctantly put out the fire, the staff of several die to rescue some of the cultural relics and works of art of rushed into the castle, but inside the castle over 90% according to the slovak national museum treasures were rescued.

police spokesman Jana Mesarova said at a news conference in about the fire & other; The accident was caused by two local child secretly learn to smoke, an 11-year-old another 12 years old, was the first time they smoke when they tried to light a cigarette, but accidentally ignited the grass under the ancient castle in the corner which caused the fire. Throughout the &; But in Slovakia is not for children under 15 years old can be prosecuted.

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the museum spokesman said: & other; The roof of the castle has been completely destroyed, including new gothic and clock on the roof of the palace. Throughout the &; In 2010 and 2011, the castle is just carried out a major reform, it was not until last year’s April began to open to the public. Source: via dailymail