Slow, zhu de2 yong, : poverty and rich is a state of mind will destroy us

agent: disease of the era of slow living

【 abstract 】, zhu de2 yong,, born in 1960, jiangsu taicang. Taiwan famous cartoonist, its “vinegar” comic column serial decade, comic strip most of time in Taiwan, the mainland licensed sold 2 million copies, “double-barrelled gun”, “astringent girl” is on the screen, continue to hit. Latest work “are all sick with crazy imagination depict this crazy era, reverse people’s perception of the world once again.

vanguard’s sayings 】 【

entrepreneurs through the media on the wealth and political power household on the media, can use the media on the gossip, the tragedy of the average person can only use jump off a building or kill on media

when the tradition and education didn’t teach you self, you can only accept according to the order, then you won’t notice, you are the only one feeling is more and more unhappy

every day we dumped slap by the society, but we don’t angry, it’s fun

the international herald Tribune reporter xue-lian Chen intern reporter liyue Beijing and comic book & other; Hit the nail on the head & throughout; Contrast is very big, drank the orange juice, zhu de2 yong, sat in the front, looks gentle humility. Grey hair, wearing a simple cotton clothes, slow to speak, smiling, and at the age of 51 him, & other; Children & throughout; Shadow seems to never go far. And so many years, he is also trying to conform to their own nature, don’t suppress camouflage, do you think the right things, do a & other; Absolute children & throughout; .

this time to Beijing,, zhu de2 yong, struggling for a long time, & other; I don’t want to, because I think I already don’t need it, and you see I will know that I the idea of the book. Throughout the &; But Mrs Feng Manlun persuaded him: readers need, zhu de2 yong, the mainland is very need this book today, a lot of words just by a book there is no way to fully passed out.

, Mrs., zhu de2 yong, is listening. & other; To Beijing after I found that he was wrong, this time to communicate with you after I found out that there are a lot of words to say, the content of the book only one over ten I want to express something, & throughout; , zhu de2 yong, said. But in an interview, his wife is on the side, supplement, zhu de2 yong, speech and summary.

& other; Slow & throughout; Is to do his

in the latest comic books, zhu de2 yong, “everyone is sick,” the modern disease metaphor: like to jump off a building, buy disease, not a sense of accomplishment, a loud roar, and anxiety, panic disorder, personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, inferiority, mania and depression & hellip; & hellip; , zhu de2 yong, say, a decade ago, once these conditions have on him.

at that time, his popularity comic career is at a peak, in the morning QiBaDian into the studio, eleven or twelve at night to go home, the phone constantly, drawing, finally busy to night suffer from insomnia, want to rely on sleep watching movies. Until one day, standing on the 12th floor studio before copiers,, zhu de2 yong, suddenly have the urge to want to jump the window, & other; All people need to have your things, everyone to come to you, you look like very successful, as if every day do very full, but one day suddenly ask you, your life what the hell are you doing what? Throughout the &;

so, in the new book, is an era of sick, zhu de2 yong, expression, a sick society, and a group of sick person & ndash; & ndash; Key lies in imperceptible in, everyone’s heart has been distorted by the modern many absurd situation.

“international herald Tribune: book you say: who can make the world a rotation to slow down, who will have the whole world. How slow your life?

, zhu de2 yong, : I say & other; Slow & throughout; Not in slow motion. Slow for me, it is a state of mind, is no longer I was chased by a lot of things running behind, I become the master of a lot of things, to determine your own goal and way of life.

I don’t sleep, and normal at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, eat breakfast, read the newspaper, sitting in front of the desk and think about the drawing no. If you want to draw, I will slowly on the 10 o ‘clock, at 10:30, to my wife, to accompany her to eat a breakfast. After the meal, we speak today want to do something, such as go out for a walk, shopping, or buy something. Fixed and our life in Taipei is pretty simple, it is fixed in several restaurant for dinner, what also not to be extravagant, not luxury, but quiet, health; After finishing eat, can just do what we want to do in the afternoon, such as watching a movie, or drink tea in the afternoon.

Q: but now a lot of people don’t know what you want, also don’t know what is the essence of life.

A: Asia society’s sad, is that there is no self, now still very big gap between the eastern and western society, our Asia has progress to this appearance (including economic developed Japan), which has been still no self. Is Asia is a collective, working machine? Everyone must give up all the self off? Starts with you by education to enter the society, it teaches you to succeed, & other; What is your own & throughout; But it doesn’t matter, & other; What are you going to be & throughout; The more important. All newspapers and magazines to open are successful people teach you how to success, it is not right. You must have self, the ego constantly remind ourselves: & other; I really is a what kind of person? I was in what is the purpose of this world? Throughout the &; With these ideas, you will know what is their don’t slowly.

rich and poor will destroy our

in 1999, the mainland people come to appreciate the charms of the, zhu de2 yong, cartoons for the first time. The Associated Press reported, & other , zhu de2 yong, success in the mainland of China reflects two changes: first, Beijing gradually relaxed the restrictions of cultural undertakings; Second, with the development of the mainland economy, the social gap between mainland and Taiwan is gradually narrowed. Throughout the &; Today, may have to reduce the social gap between mainland and Taiwan, so that the satirical Taiwanese & other; Modern disease & throughout; “Everyone is sick”, on the mainland also benefit.

Q: what is the dilemma because Asia soon just out of poverty, before continuing the development of inertial?

A: Asia now everything is happened in the west, but the west is the long, slow development time, so they have time to respond, to do some work, but we don’t have that opportunity, we are very quickly start up of the economy as A whole, so everybody puzzling was pushed into A battlefield, you don’t even know how to die.

mainland process more quickly, more no chance and time to chew the cud, of course not. When the whole traditional and education didn’t teach you self, you can only accept according to the order, then you must be the water, but you won’t notice, the only thing you can feel is less and less happy.

asians miserable, actually we was destroyed by the poor once, was destroyed by the rich again. So-called rich is we thought we got a lot of, in fact, those things are hurt us, if we don’t have self, when you don’t know your choice, will only accept according to the order, then you are unable to stand.

Q: what is the disease led to the individual age and society, or individual leads to age and social disease?

A: I think that is influence each other, this is depends on you from what Angle to see. His ill, because society was ill, so affect me? But don’t forget that society is composed of numerous self, so both influence each other. Because the society as a whole to towards the desire, so slowly form are all like this.

as one year, I went to Kyoto, Japan, on the train I got such a fright that I see ten Japanese women, eight wear, are popular denim jacket that year. The paradox is that westerners today teach our fashion, you should really wear walk street in the west, the somebody else will smile dead you. People in the west, fashion is just part of, and in Asia, has become a popular movement, don’t you feel funny?

can depict human nature is the most important

, zhu de2 yong, said that his impulsion is absurd, and anger. & other; Every day we dumped slap by the society, but we don’t angry, it’s fun. And every time I see a lot of things will be, I often see the entrepreneurs, the fashion we face rejection, cheat us, I think it’s ridiculous, then angry. You look in Taiwan & lsquo; Plasticizer & rsquo; Just want to make money more terrible storm, businessman. Throughout the &;

Q: what do you eat all The Times and social disease due to capital and business, why do you seldom in your cartoon picture directly politics?

A: for me, in A social phenomenon, is people-oriented, fashion and the enterprise is A representative, actually operation are similar, their central idea is the same, so I didn’t go. To describe the human nature is the most important thing, what industry, what kind of person is just a means. I don’t usually purely to draw a things, put it as a means, I will use to draw it in their own ways. In my picture, for example, many entrepreneurs through their wealth on the media, politicians use their power on the media, the film can be used on media gossip, the average person can only use jump off a building or kill the tragedy of the media.

Q: is there a cartoonist said those involved in the social essence, satirists cartoons have died, now is the age of entertainment, commercial cartoons, what do you think?

A: this is cartoonist own choice, you have to do A what kind of cartoonist, is A critical opinion of human nature, society and times cartoonist? Or draw some fun, selling some cheap cartoonist mood? Will do. If everyone only when choosing a cartoonist, cartoon industry, it will be dangerous, without hope, and now I’m afraid is a commercial, entertainment, cartoons, this is the Chinese world, a lack of self from all walks of life are the same.

marriage without love is bound to go wrong

in Taipei is very beautiful, zhu de2 yong, studio dun-hua south road, a few kilometers wide shade, straight people car silence usually on Saturday or Sunday night, he and his wife often along the tree-lined walk slowly to the end of the road, and then sat down to drink a cup of coffee and talk about what had happened to the world and special. Accompany them to continually walking all the year round, and the trees grew up has been son.

has so he use of a happy marriage & other; Schadenfreude & throughout; Mentality depict men’s and women’s love and marriage life. In all sick, zhu de2 yong, still very derided for marriage, his paintings, walked into the marriage of men and women began to a lifetime of torture, some personality also suffers from schizophrenia.

Q: what do you think & other; Marriage is a mistake, the key is you willing to go along throughout the &; This point of view?

A: the Chinese there is no self, on love and marriage are revealed. Chinese is wrong is because love is not based on their willingness to choose marriage partners, we fall in love today, the respective conditions first put on the table, the man said I have a house, car, deposit & hellip; & hellip; Woman said that I am innocent, I grow very beautiful & hellip; & hellip; Then call to mom and dad, relatives and friends gathered. This love will go wrong, of course, if the marriage is wrong you don’t go along, but I hope you don’t wrong from the start. Not on the basis of the two people love marriage must be to go wrong, because all the table things can disappear.

Q: your marriage very happy, what is the secret of maintaining?

A: this is A very simple secret, in twenty years I have done, is to find someone you really like to get married. In business, my wife gave me a big help, I could meet her, of course, is very lucky.