Smoking ostentation and extravagance of li hongzhang breathtaking: only the mouth and chest

li (figure)

li hongzhang (figure)

the last tsar Nicholas ii Russian romanov dynasty held a huge and extremely grand coronation, time is in May 1896. Records of the qing empire had sent to celebrate.

because and the Middle East railway affairs need to discuss, li hongzhang for more than two weeks before the coronation, namely on April 18, 1896 arrived in st. Petersburg. Nicholas ii specially told the prime minister, sergei & middot; Julius has & middot; Victor to the reception.

before li hongzhang, victor has not received any Chinese envoys personally. Some advised Chinese officialdom, it is the most exquisite specifications and ostentation and extravagance, if scene owe grand ostentation and extravagance or not, he will feel very lose face, don’t think you respect him, despise him, can do can do most things.

victor is a representative of the courtier moderates in Russia, he knows only let li hongzhang, in comfort and contentment can establish a good relationship with him, only with the word in the qing dynasty the characters of good relations, to favour a series of negotiations and the long-term relationship between the two countries. Victor first sent court affairs officials uh TuoMSiJi to the Suez Canal to meet, and then sent a group of soldiers arrived in Odessa city specifically designed for the guard of honor. In st Petersburg held a welcome ceremony, of course, is a grand grand, can connect down tea are arranged for the band, organized a singing and dancing, and even a special protocol MC.

victor for his elaborate is satisfactory.

but the Russian prime minister soon lost confidence. Li hongzhang smoking a small details put, including victor himself, kills all the russians are present. Victor:

the used tea, I asked li hongzhang whether or not to smoke? So he gave a cry, hoarse voice, a bit like horses bray. And have two Chinese waiter rushed out from the room next to mine, a man with a long pipe, a man holding a tray, put above the fire and tobacco.

a breathtaking ceremony started smoking. Smoking from start to finish, the entire process, li hongzhang, besides mouth opens and closes a and chest falling body, including both hands is always fixed. Two division is responsible for the waiter, with a well-trained, attending a tobacco pouch, a charge of tobacco and kindling. When the pipe of li hongzhang, kneeling, the waiter is responsible for the pipe of one leg, holding, flat always below arms etc. Li after each bite, is the time to take out the pipe smoke out of his mouth, after some good pleasure puffing treated him hither, again like a carpenter by tenon respectfully quickly and accurately the cigarette holder to deliver into his mouth. In charge of tobacco and fire the waiter, action was completed more compact coherent appropriately. Two waiters blend flawless, temperature control properly, it is in performing acrobatics. And li always narrow her eyes clay sculpture usually sits in there, even his eyelids lifted a lift.

as Alexander iii and two teams of Nicholas ii, victor categorically experience well informed, can he ever seen smoking scenes such as this? He only shake, exclamation oneself informed.

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