Snake message is difficult to write Many netizens action “snake” renamed “dragon”

writer poking fun at snake hard to write a message

the netizen action snake was little dragon

shenzhen evening news comprehensive report snake near the lunar year, write something about snake: stumped a lot of people. Recently, a well-known writer Ma Boyong also in weibo poking fun at snake hard to write a message, because & other; In addition to xia mosh useless & throughout; . The microblog raises many net friend, for several days continuously someone come up with new ideas.

a few days ago, Ma Boyong in weibo said: write a New Year greeting, with the dragon, the year of the tiger is the easiest, this delicate yu, beautiful words, author’s connection is freely; Horse, rabbit, monkey, chicken, describe much praise idea, jun also, jade, gold is also; The year of the ox year high, the good tongjia characters, again. Sheep, the year of the dog, the whole image and lovable. But the snake a nest of rat, the hardest to play. But rat fair show MOE, only snake, in addition to xia to dance, zodiac king of loneliness.

at the same time, a reporter after the access to information found that the annual Spring Festival gala opening, the host will first review the idioms to the audience friends, most of them mentioned that the Chinese zodiac, can be either 2001 1989 Spring Festival gala or snake snake year Spring Festival gala, the host in the opening is not snake, let alone with the snake related message. The net friend & other; Sun irritable & throughout; Also found that even the “pleasant goat and grey Wolf” hesui films, the first name is & other; From bullish to 2 & hellip; & hellip; But the snake can’t can only be called snake. Throughout the &;

snake really so vulnerable? Internet users said they would not necessarily. From the perspective of the New Year greeting, such as & other; Snake dance & throughout; , & other BiZouLongShe & throughout; , & other The spirit of the snake pearl & throughout; Such as the significance of the idiom can also be good. The net friend & other; Felix77 & throughout; Also create a lot of message: & other; Snake dance three spring scenery new step, snake, snake dance kyushu everywhere on the industry brilliant, snakes swim big ze yan YouChun, snake to turn at a time of life, snake mountain den hei chun harbinger, snake bit seocho. Throughout the &; The easiest way is using some universal format, such as & other Snake year auspicious, snake years of business, xia in delight & throughout; . If really can’t think of auspicious words associated with the snake, another netizen: way of doing things & other; As long as the snake called little dragon, all problems are solved & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;