Song: art is life

& other; This is not our home the doves on the roof? Throughout the &; Here, a female audience DengYuan eyes. & other; That’s not kino-vision and his wife slept & lsquo; The tree bed & rsquo; ? Throughout the &; Over there, and a middle-aged issued exclaimed. Well-known contemporary artists song dong’s art exhibitions, the ullens center for contemporary art is located in the 798 art zone, honeycomb briquet, Chinese cabbage, water tanks, pickles jar & hellip; & hellip; A variety of large and small daily old objects with the scene of the exhibition, as if with the audience back to the full of rich hutong warrens of memory.

the exhibition scene, a seemingly ordinary bungalow is very eye-catching. Looking from the open door in the house, the house is a double bed occupying most of the space, a big tree suddenly in the middle of the bed, look is clearly show the loquacious kino-vision happiness life “in the scene. But the song is give him the work of a poetic name, called “symbiosis with tree”. Go forward, the eaves, place the line size tank, pickle jar, the rain with tiles heap becomes a crib, iron pot is burning on the stove, water lie next to the honeycomb briquet, and random pieces of all kinds of potted flower.

another exhibition hall, 52 old double bed and single bed decorate here into a maze, the audience must be bent over, can in the cramped space, or happen to will touch her head. Leave here, again into another world of nostalgia: several glass cabinets, code into had winter cabbages, respectively, all kinds of detergents, detergent and empty bottle of liquid soap, soap; there are different s People here can see the different styles of old wear chest, draws the lotus, the design of the sun and the lakes, most colors faded away, only the mirror is still clearly reflect people’s appearance.

the creation of these works song dong 45 years old this year, the past six years, he has been run in the alley ways of Beijing and flea market, constantly collecting and reconstructing common old items with these old people. Since the childhood living in hutong in the painting, he has a special affection for these things. & other; Our first room has 5.8 square metre only, I first a bed is box, box is clothes. Throughout the &; Song dong said he used these things to make art, is actually want to express the notion: & other; In the cramped living space, people always use their own mind, to create a happy life, there are helpless, is more a kind of wisdom. Throughout the &;

song dong said, & other; Art is everywhere, life is art, art is life. Throughout the &; In the process of collecting old items, song dong also slowly summarizes a unique aesthetic concepts, he called it a & other; Right to borrow & throughout; . In his view, this seems to be very academic taste words, actually is the painting of a wisdom of life, namely between the public space, their scope, handle the relationship between the possession and self-effacing, reach a balance, and form a perfect social ecological system. & other; Because everyone slowly formed the so-called balance, established accounts for your family so much, accounts for his family so much, only to the formation of the winding painting. Throughout the &;

nowadays, the living conditions of the song already everything changed, but he did not erase warrens in the life habit and attitude towards life. & other; Including how to expand the space, how to use the waste and so on. My studio, use a lot of things, for example, are made waste transformation, I feel very good. Throughout the &; Of course, for this exhibition to the ordinary audience, song dong’s work reflected by way of life, is rapidly disappearing from the city. The ullens center for contemporary art curator Jerome & middot; Sans evaluation meaningful: & other; Song dong device, a symbol of the people with intelligence management and change the personal life space, which changed the whole style and relationship of street blocks and also contains the homesickness in the city. Throughout the &;