Song dynasty tang dynasty women dress to learn: wear strapless faintly visible cleavage with inside

& other; You smell the wood more sweet, every place the smell of wood is different, is the Ming and qing dynasties when the old things, not now. Throughout the &; Standing before a group of ancient buildings in the Ming and qing dynasties in the xixi wetland, Meng Hui touch delicate partition board door, sigh gently, see that side of the wood craftsman is planing wood, full of shaving with the ground, she crouched down, picked up several wisp of wood shavings in the bag.

this is to write the sound flowers sixteen, “the lotus of pan gold hair Meng Hui.

yesterday, just in the Shanghai museum with the ancient veil, glass, screen, collar, a person sit Gao Tieben Meng Hui to, in the monring winds bookstore, explain the loss of ancient culture. All day, she didn’t eat breakfast and lunch, accompanied by zhu monring winds bookstore, went to the xixi wetland. Hong through a group of old buildings in the Ming and qing dynasties, let her surprise. Followed her, as if you can also feel the life of the ancient meaning.

her not small endowment, don’t have time to dress

a lot of people who have read Meng Hui book, feel the & other Picture & throughout; Home must be very, very small endowment restoring ancient ways. & other; Like to wear qipao in the house all day, burning aloes, tea is an antique. Throughout the &; A fan in Meng Hui weibo in the message, let her cry.

& other; My life is very rough, don’t have time to dress up, all documents. I care about is an ancient civilization, rather than the bourgeois way of life. Throughout the &; Immediate Meng Hui, phnom penh and wearing glasses, short hair and shoulders, no makeup, white dress, the flowers yellow-green, pure and fresh and clean, wearing sandals, also moves around a beige flower.

in order to get away as ancient life details back, she just resigned as the editor of the Beijing sanlian bookstore, in the name. Daughter side, outside the station and the secret to “, “universal party” these ancient documents, she turned out several books.

& other; These are discussed in the book about cosmetics, is not as difficult as you feel. Throughout the &; Washing hands with bath beans, raise colour herself powder, rose sauce, Chinese flowering crabapple wiped her face, honey on the hair brush a Fried might touchthatcheek, flower oil, sweet osmanthus fragrans hair oil. & other; Elegant, is a good way of life, should not die. But modern people drink instant coffee, 3 minutes of makeup, too fast. Throughout the &;

her life of the southern song dynasty people charting

& other; Now a lot of the Chinese way of life, are formed in the southern song dynasty, the ancient people of hangzhou, drink jasmine modulation, homemade soap, wear strapless, with is very open, and pay attention to the quality of life. Throughout the &;

although only tour to hangzhou, two or three times, but at the mention of the southern song dynasty people life Meng Hui charting. Meng Hui, said song dynasty who drinks business is very developed, all want to do now, and variety. & other; Summer people sweat is much, easy to heat stroke, the song dynasty was straw made drinks hot water two times, can quench it, prompting fashionistas, and environmental protection. The more expensive kind of, is made of the smoke of aloes drinks, linan is sells on the market. Throughout the &;

the song dynasty neo-confucianism, & other; Save them and eliminate human & throughout; , in imagination, the southern song dynasty women wear clothes, always bundled up firmly, not beauty in tang dynasty & other; Bold & throughout; . Can Meng Hui said, it is all a misunderstanding.

& other; Fujian unearthed in the song dynasty painting, the song dynasty women’s clothing, all in the late tang dynasty, which is, that wipe a bosom can see slight cleavage, then with a double-breasted frock. China’s ancient silk specially developed. People wear in the summer, the veils and unlined upper garment, arms can come out, very sexy. Throughout the &;

our reporter Ma Li