Song MAO appreciation under the load master: whoever handing them first when top position regulation

warriors fight pay attention to the load, and in the song dynasty, for child to take an examination of jinshi of them also see the load.

the song MAO seize the world, after the late tang five dynasties worf disorderly situation nerve-racking, then adopt the method of Yang wen wu suppression, determine the scholars who work with all the basic national policy, restore the sui and tang dynasties, old take on. Beginning, song MAO did not determine the position of this program, the whole process itself is hosted by does, only to tell myself to the results. But treasure six years (973 years) after the research, a new admission to shane JiangWu temple to the emperor, jinshi in face-to-face communication, found the song MAO Wu Jichuan, Liu Rui people knowledgeable, irrelevant answer, Wu Jichuan just I townsfolk, this song MAO was very unhappy. Later, and others, the drums appeal, sued the research choose injustice, wrath, song MAO will does not have accepted and admitted to not call for son and more than 200 people together to JiangWu temple, personally presided over, bojan, exam again, again. Since then, the position has become the research of song dynasty customization and highest threshold.

the song MAO Beowulf, when countries more appreciate that under the load, he sure to position for the child, to complete all three subjects, who will submit the first is the top.

position, once the song MAO met two & other; at the same time The hip & throughout; . Treasure eight years (975) b hai branch in the first position, for Wang Sizong and general Chen two people at the same time, their papers at the same time, the song MAO made difficult, a research can’t appear two of them? So, quite good funny song MAO let two people at the king’s hall of fame had a fight, who won for the top. As a result, Wang Sizong fell, Chen in the top, because Wang Sizong calls & other; Hand stroke draft & throughout; .

in the period, still follow MAO old, short for a year, long three years for a test, still sold soon as trade-off criteria. & other; When emperor taizong jinshi, each as advanced volume for the first & throughout; (ouyang xiu “returned record”). From song taizong of peace and rejuvenating the country two years (977 years), the ox of lv meng is, to the later Hu Dan, Su Yijian, zhou barbary, etc., all are quick-minded & other The hip & throughout; , the topic picked up can begin, bridging, stroke, because the papers first to become champions.

although & other; As advanced volume for the first & throughout; , but the purpose of the emperors not only is the only choice standard, writing speed is article straighten out and wit express their requirements, namely, nice and fast. But everything is taken out of context person, more sound and rapid implementation becomes indifferent to the following good, only to seek fast. So, all the student who are looking for passion for shortcuts and problem solving, tube he beautiful not beautiful wording, impassability, argumentation writing words, hu spell disorderly gather together, & other; But throughout kua & min speed phase; , so long as under the load. From the beginning of peace and rejuvenating the country in recent 20 years, the end of the globalization without examination hall to piece together the wind, the wind of frivolous, and showed the trend of intensified.

the song taizong globalization without three years (in 992), for the son Li Shu led a few even held a special composition contest. He put those who will attend the exam of nonyl Chen for the child in a baked wheat cake shop is concentrated in the capital, to cook good flipping a pie to finish a rhyme mean for wins, raised eyebrows to passers-by,. Things came to the ears of the emperor taizong of song dynasty, and this is not kidding open on? Song taizong the outrage, decided to take measures to brake brake trend.

the first position, emperor taizong of song dynasty specially from “the zhuangzi fables,” pick out & other 3 sunrise & throughout; Four words to the very little-used assignment problem, he is going to take a look at these students who boast min speed phase, how is scratching their heads. Examination questions given to you soon, all the candidates was still being frown, Li Shu a few hastily into article, beat their papers. See his easily satisfied, song taizong angry, to the Li Shu several shouted, he put the shot to the examination room on the spot. This time, the writer’s agile Li Shu several drop off list, composition and slowly the sun is in the top. Since then, research how to answer for the standard, no longer examination hall & other; The hip & throughout; Not the market.