Soong ching ling “closet” clothing on display time span of 50 years (figure)


s of soong ching ling through the cheongsam our reporter Zhang Longshe

a girl dress trousers, a variety of styles of cheongsam, own design & hellip; & hellip; Yesterday, more than 30 pieces of soong ching ling dress in Shanghai soong ching ling’s former residence memorial appearance, and will be formally on January 28 public display.

on January 27, soong ching ling’s 120th birthday. Exhibition in & other; Elegant & middot; Fashion & throughout; As the theme, show the soong ching ling in different periods, different situations of coat, the Chinese dress, they sound, such as clothes, she wear watches, necklaces, scarves, and other accessories, and she used to use cosmetics such as lipstick, powdery cake, perfume. Exhibits for collection “, all time span for 50 years, for the most part is the first time meet with the public.

& other; Soong ching ling is very beautiful, very beautiful, too. Throughout the &; Angela mak, director of the Shanghai residence of soong ching ling cultural relics care, told reporters that over the years, the study of soong ching ling and propaganda mostly focus on her contribution in the aspect of political history, rarely talks about her personal hobbies and life interest, as a woman & other; In fact she is very pay attention to the instrument, also very understand dressing tips. Throughout the &;

among them, the most representative one exhibits is wide-legged pants of soong ching ling in design. This pair of trousers with a brown whipcord as raw material, from the appearance point of view is very wide, & other; People stood looks like a skirt, but have trousers convenience and benefits. Throughout the &; Angela mak said, when women wear is given priority to with uniforms, clothing design is single, & other; Pants and skirt & throughout; The design of the soong ching ling pursuit of beauty.

in addition, due to old age body fat waist and abdomen grows wider, soong ching ling was specially will qipao piping, trousers waist line apart widened stitched afresh, so some splicing trace exhibits, & other; But stitched fine, well-pressed, try to keep beautiful. Throughout the &; From Chinese style dress to Lenin, from the sandalwood fan to French perfume, in Angela mak’s view, which has distinct characteristics of The Times, & other; This is more than half a century Chinese women dress to an epitome of the evolution of, believe a lot of visitors will feel close to exhibits and familiar, even probably, said this kind of glove, the dye hair sticks, my mother also have this set of Lenin. Throughout the &;

Angela mak revealed that tens of thousands of pieces of cultural relics in the collection literature, soong ching ling’s clothing but hundred, but enough to get that from her aesthetic and taste. The exhibition will be held on April 20.

(Fan Jie)